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  1. Just for fun here's a picture of the 1st shipment of parts from Nissan.
  2. Have a question for anyone who might know. Was getting ready to rebuild the calipers and noticed that car 304 calipers were blank. They had no casting marks like you see most calipers like in picture # 0275 below. Does anyone know if the blank calipers are correct for this car? Thanks, Rod
  3. Finally getting back to working on car #304. Have several projects going. Got the brake lines cleaned up and ready to send out for plating. Here's a couple of photos.
  4. It was actually pretty simple. The bushings were still in good shape. I had a donor starter that I got the armature out of and the brushes in that starter were in good shape. So I just cleaned everything up and reassembled with the replacement parts.
  5. Here's a few more photos of the latest work.
  6. The paint is from California Datsun
  7. That's just a parts washer and actually the parts didn't come out of it much different then they went in. It took all the oil and grease off but not the red paint or the oxidized finish. I had to sandblast the cases with a fine sand then wire brush and steel wool them to get that finish. As I understand it the '69 crank had a vibration at 6000rpm and above. And I think that's why there is that reinforcement on the early oil pans. The vibration was possibly cracking the pans. Not sure, just some stuff I've read.
  8. Some pics of the engine going together
  9. For anyone who hasn't seen a 69 crankshaft here it is next to a standard 240 crank
  10. Had a chance to work on the engine this week and it started off with broken bolt repair
  11. Just finished the transmission here's a few photos.
  12. ok guys, I figured out how to enlarge the pictures. Was away last week racing my 260z in Sonoma. Am starting on the engine and transmission this weekend and will be posting pics of that soon.
  13. Yeah I don't know why the first one came out big and the other ones are small. I'll get it fixed. I'm new to this posting thing so you guys will have to bear with me while I learn.
  14. Hi everyone here's pictures of the tear down and the car being shipped off to Miguel's:
  15. Your right this will be a daunting task as a lot of the original parts are missing the owner is on a constant search for parts may even have to have some made.
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