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  1. It's stalled for now. Still at the body shop. I have other projects going. I just got car #187 back for a complete restoration. I stripped it and it's at the body shop now. If you want to see the beginning of my restoration of this car go to the "Restoration of one-eighty seven". Thanks for your interest. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Yes, it's an amazing car. Here's a couple of photos of the jack that you asked for.
  3. Mike B. is correct, #503's water pump was used as the model. Water pumps are coming along good. Should be done soon.
  4. I'm not sure what that is. I couldn't see any damage behind it. As to the rear panel black around the upper license plate mounting points I would imagine that was done during the first repaint but have no way of knowing for sure. I am going to leave the dealer installed A/C in the car because I refurbished another system for this owner and he was very satisfied with the results.
  5. Here's a few more photos of the car it's going to the body shop tomorrow.
  6. Thanks Mike B, I've never seen those pictures. The seats were original just the covers were wrong. I was able to find some original seats with the original upholstery and I'll be putting those in. The side moulding was riveted on. The mirrors are pretty funky; part of the reason for the paint job.
  7. Unfortunately it was cut out here's a picture of what was left. I have a replacement that I'm putting in
  8. I'm also working on car #503 right now. This car is in absolutely amazing condition. It's is the most original rust-free car I've seen and I've worked on hundreds of them. Unfortunately, it had a repaint many years ago that is not holding up so I'm getting the car ready to go to paint. This car is in such original condition, except for some hoses and hose clamps, I thought I would post it in case someone was restoring one and needs to see any original details. I'd be glad to post any pictures. This car even has the original water pump.
  9. Thanks its a fun car to drive. I make that trip four times a week. The car is a early 260 vin#2100 with factory AC makes it a little nicer to drive.
  10. I found this topic interesting as I have been running the AR LeMans wheels for years (about 88 miles everyday). Mine are 15" x 7". The lips stay polished for about 4 weeks. I made the mistake of clear coating the centers. The magnesium doesn't like the clear over it. After a year the clear started to get white flakes under it. No matter what they look like, I still get comments like, "What are they?" and "Where can I get some?" I love them. They are very cool nostalgic wheels. Just thought I'd share.
  11. Just for fun here's a picture of the 1st shipment of parts from Nissan.
  12. Have a question for anyone who might know. Was getting ready to rebuild the calipers and noticed that car 304 calipers were blank. They had no casting marks like you see most calipers like in picture # 0275 below. Does anyone know if the blank calipers are correct for this car? Thanks, Rod
  13. Finally getting back to working on car #304. Have several projects going. Got the brake lines cleaned up and ready to send out for plating. Here's a couple of photos.
  14. It was actually pretty simple. The bushings were still in good shape. I had a donor starter that I got the armature out of and the brushes in that starter were in good shape. So I just cleaned everything up and reassembled with the replacement parts.
  15. Here's a few more photos of the latest work.
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