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  1. Go on line and use a gearing calculator to speed the effects of different ratios entering the fifth gear ratio of which 5 speed you have. If you have a a .745 and driving on the street you may want a 4:11.. Have you considered a Subaru STI CLSD R180?
  2. 7tooZ

    Bulb seals

    I have a set of taillights with the harness that are pretty solid. But I hate to break up the set. Let me know if you don’t find an other solution!
  3. 7tooZ

    Bulb seals

    What light is that?
  4. The shifter may interfere with you trans tunnel and console. It does when you go the other way and add a 5 speed to an early car. ps 4 speeds out here have little or no valve.
  5. I recommend disconnecting the choke cables and throttle pedal linkage so there is no pressure on the SU linkages.
  6. Yes that is holding your throttle open. The part on the left and attached to the SU should go between the two pieces on the right.
  7. @Pilgrim that is a cibie glass. Only the H4 is a PIAA.
  8. 7tooZ

    Too bright?

    What @jfa.series1 said. I like it. I looked for other Ba15s base LED s with a lower lumins out put. You can get them as low as 230 and a warm white would help too.
  9. I did the relay method too. Picked up the stock headlight harness to arm the relay. Routed an 8 gauge wire from the battery to a water proof box containing 4 relays. High beam, low beam, driving lights and then electric fans. Cibie glass and PIAA Superbrights H4s H4
  10. Here’s an option. These are VTO 15”, car sits on Tokico lowering springs (1”). Tire is a 205/60. You could go with a 215. Or have you current wheels powder coated and polished. How old are those BF Goodrich’s.
  11. What is your address PM me and I will send them out in tomorrow’s mail. Do you need a rush?
  12. @Matthew Abate is this what you need?
  13. View Advert Misc Parts free Need any of these parts let me know. are they worth storing. Advertiser 7tooZ Date 11/12/2020 Price Category Parts for Sale  
  14. Time Left: 8 days and 21 hours

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    Need any of these parts let me know. are they worth storing.


    Seattle Area, Washington - US

  15. @Matthew Abate I am pretty sure I have some. PM me
  16. Next step would be the $1200 NOS spoiler, and give up the Spooki have had for 20+ years. After that I need to loose my MOMO wheel ( that I love). Current shopping for a. Datsun Competition original.
  17. I am really leaning to the Euro for me. I like a they understated aspect.. what I don’t know Yet is weather it helps the stabilize the car at speed or breaking through the side draft of the semi at speed. My car is driver oriented while being respectful to originality. There is nothing that can’t be returned to OEM style.
  18. Some clean Photos would help. But more importantly to potential buyer is HOW MUCH. is the asking price. Then does the condition support that price.
  19. The newer slave works with the early fork. Just swap over the shaft.
  20. Great work rewarding isn’t it?
  21. When you reach the right age the generator won’t be good enough. It will be whole house self starter running on the continuous supply of natural gas., a strong WiFi connection and a cable TV booster. Oh forget about the heated garage floor and driveway
  22. Is this a warm or cold engine?
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