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  1. 240260280

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    If this is on early Z's AND it is to deal with the crank vibration then Nissan would have known about it long before Brock got his racer.
  2. 240260280

    Perfectly legal pot

    Can I sell my rights to 4 plants like they sell lobster licences... I'll never use it?
  3. 240260280

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Alan. I concur. I should have clarified more: I was responding to why the US market did not get a 5 speed in the standard offering (bad pun) for so long. 1. I was referring to why the 4sp stuck for so long in the US market at the start. My guess is what is stated above... it cost Nissan less (assumed) and it sold like hot cakes from the start so why change it? 2. I was referring to why the 5sp was second fiddle to the automatic transmission in the US market only. Clearly other markets would have had the 5sp as a focus.
  4. 240260280

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Interesting inputs... it looks like providing initial lowest cost may have been one of the prime reason for the 4speed, and instant profits from the "selling like hot cakes" so why change a thing kept the 4 speed in place. For early product enhancement, the transmission focus was more on providing an automatic so the 5speed would have been a "second fiddle".
  5. 240260280

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    @kats Wow. Very interesting.
  6. 240260280

    When a D cap is not a hubcap

    I want a beanie with a cream coloured metal fan and fan clutch on the top.
  7. 240260280

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I see two Jim's working some flat tops:
  8. 240260280

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Ask Mr Matsuo at ZCON!!! (Why USA got 4sp in 1970) @SteveJ
  9. 240260280

    Perfectly legal pot

    I remember kids smoking ciggy's in grade two.... Nfld. They usually had a can of spaghetti, spoon, and a can opener in their lunch box.
  10. 240260280

    Is this a new find?

    Great reference photos!
  11. 240260280

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I saw Jeff in a photo! And Eiji's 240zg...drool! Please say Hi to Mad Make from Janet and I... we may be in Dallas and will visit to make it up... fair warning to @jfa.series1 too!
  12. 240260280

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Pig Roast is called off. Which one of you got caught? https://www.foxnews.com/us/roasted-pig-in-luggage-found-by-cbp-beagle-at-atlanta-airport
  13. 240260280

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Congratulations! Looks great! Checkered flag in the distance!
  14. 240260280

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Please give our best regards to Mr Matsuo! We hope his eye operation went well. Philip & Janet

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