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  1. Yes...I agree... but we are speaking two different things. I'm refereeing to how people drive. Digression: I plotted top gears' course times using time against HP. I figured any anomalies would bring out the cars with better tracking... it turns out there were several anomalies so I figured I found "great cars".... when I looked closer, it was the pro drivers that made them stand out.
  2. Delta context is "HP or Speed loss due to pollution items".
  3. I agree... just pressing a little harder on the pedal is all that most people have to do to make up the delta.
  4. Thanks a million Alan! That photo was from 2003 when I first got my 280z and 240z were more of a curiosity. It was local and had Fred Flintstone floor but I just recalled it had a fibreglass hood.
  5. @HS30-H Hi Alan, Here is a picture of an old fibreglass hood on an 03-70 240. Does it look like something from Nissan or aftermarket?
  6. A Three on the tree, Stick Shift was Poplar back then. It was a Beech to shift though.
  7. Check battery voltage for completeness. It should be ~ 12.6V in the morning before starting the car and ~ 13.5 to 14.5V at idle.
  8. I actually set to 40 degrees and creeped along at ~ 2 to 5mph for a minute once just to see where ping occurred.
  9. Get a Gnose... the hinge is different 🙂
  10. The word "neutral" is used so it confused me.