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  1. People have been restoring vintage aircraft for years... nothing new here. In fact, the Messerschmidt Foundation bestowed a new s/n on a recent ME-262 reproduction. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/whotube-2/me262-at-the-ila2006.html
  2. I saw one like that from Quebec. I'll check my past ZCon photos.
  3. Thanks, I'll flush with alcohol on patient #3 and never use the strong stuff again 🙂 Both patients #1 and#2 are alive and ticking.
  4. FYI: I just sprayed 2 dead clock's workings with brake cleaner, now they work. I did not disassemble. I just removed the 3 nuts and front plastic/glass. then pulled the grommet free so that the works could be pulled far enough to spray. (The Black- and Blue+ wires still passing through the back). Not sure for how long it will last but this easy to do trick definitely made a significant change. The clocks I sprayed have the electric motor.
  5. FYI: I just sprayed 2 dead clock's workings with brake cleaner, now they work. Not sure for how long but this easy to do trick definitely made a significant change. These clocks have the electric motor.
  6. Is Mr. Matsuo there this year?
  7. OK. Thanks for the details. Got it. I did not see the top rivet on the pickup (5). I just did this adjustment on a similar set up and the pickup would move when turning the eccentric (3). It seems yours is not adjustable without drilling a rivet.
  8. @Captain Obvious attached below is schematic with details of FA6004 audo amp in 1972 portable Hitachi radio. Same 8pin SIP module. It may be similar in some ways. The best I can do. FA6004 Details.pdf
  9. I bravely swapped bad unit's output stage to working unit and it continued working. I put working units output stage in bad radio an no change. I then moved good AF SIP to bad radio and it worked... risky but easy. I did verify all voltages in power transistors were the same before swapping so low risk in the end.
  10. Sorry. I corrected entry but left the wrong right in. <<< makes sense right? Fixed now. Sorry. No I do not have data sheet. I would love to see it too I think the IC is more than just an op-amp as it feeds back to the auto tuning circuit. See Pin 7's output below. I will guess that the op-amp function can be substituted with a compatible op-amp but you will loose the auto tuning without developing the associated circuitry to trigger an amplitude lock on a signal or maybe it is a mute while tuning control?
  11. The screw is actually an eccentric and pushes the pick-up out. Give it a twirl with a flat head screw driver and it will immediately make sense 🙂
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    This handle saraluck9090 is all over forums with the same posts. Not a smart spammer. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=saraluck9090
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