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  1. These seem to be similar to Alan's swatches:
  2. Then there are these: https://baddogparts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_4&products_id=3&zenid=9fla6m8evi4gijiemd5sgrm9j0 @gnosez
  3. Gorilla in room: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nissan-outlook/adding-to-ghosn-woes-nissan-slashes-profit-outlook-to-near-decade-low-idUSKCN1RZ2MA?il=0 Happy 50th!
  4. when in doubt: http://240260280.com/Docs/FSM/General-Datsun Torque Specifications.pdf
  5. Night driving with light intensity meter on windscreen at eye level and data collection instruments on rear deck? Hmmm second thought is sound and vibration monitoring. Here is another helmeted tester on a turning circle with sensors in wheel:
  6. The other ground-Zero in NYC. 🙂
  7. Chris, I have photos of Detroit 69 but no Z yet. You can see Datsun Signs in the distance and some Toyotas.
  8. Yes BIG THANKS KATS! Mike posted a newspaper clipping of the LA show but it is difficult to see the car details. Your photo shows the classic grey plastic console, no D hubcaps,No OK sticker, and very light shift knob.
  9. Stock L24 High Compression no emissions advance is 17 degrees at 650rpm. Here is vacuum advance map for L24 high compression engine: 5.5 degrees in by 245mm HG Here is mechanical advance map for L24 high compression engine: 6 degrees in by 1000 rpm
  10. Webers like ~ 20degrees advance at idle but this is too much to cranks at start. 10 degrees is nice for start cranking. With 10.5:1 compression max advance may be 30 to 34 degrees. You will also need 93 octane gas to help reduce ping.
  11. What is air/fuel at cruise on flat highway at 50rpm? What is air fuel ratio at idle? What is fuel level? You may be just running lean. The trick is to get the fuel levels right then find the right idle jet to give a cruise between 14 and 16 (depending on fuel efficiency you want). Then you set the idle (13 to 15 depending on how stinky you want it.... idle is smoother at 13 but it is rich). Repeat the cruise test as the idle adjustment can make ~ 0.5 a/f difference at cruise. Typical fuel level range is 27mm down to 29mm down. What size chokes/Venturis do you have? 32-33mm are nice for 2.8l 40DCOE on the street.
  12. Many thanks Chris! I'm grateful for the info. I agree with you, it would make sense that it was the same green and tan car as at Boston that you dug up due to the proximity in time and location. It seems there were many photos and videos of the silver and red show cars but the green one not so many.
  13. Thanks Chris. Do you know the colour of the Pierre Hotel Car or have any photos? Your Boston show car is great! btw There were a few pictures of a silver badged, white walled 240z in Beverly Hills in 1969 and Mike has a picture of the Oct 31, 1969 LA show car that looks silver or white... very close in time and location so it seems to be HLS30-00008. I spoke to Johnnie Gable and she confirmed these photos were from Beverly Hills area.
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