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  1. This is what I’m doing right now... Hanging out at the wash racks at the end of Maple Resolve 19 in Wainwright Alberta. American troops participate with us every year. That’s two of my guys chatting with the Hercules crew. Good times.
  2. Cheers to my US brothers in arms... Sgt Mark Lewis Electro-Optronics Tech Lord Strathcona’s Horse Royal Canadians Combat Veteran, Task Force 1-09, Panjwaii Afghanistan 2009
  3. And that’s how it should be done folks... ...mic drop!
  4. Why do I do this to myself? Sure sure, it’s to make “room” in the shop, but really, it’s so I can daydream about that special day this is all complete!
  5. Jeff, don’t know if you sourced the new wheel studs yet, but they are available at Silvermine motors. I just ordered a set myself! Edit: NVM, I see you drilled out the rotors...
  6. Some more detail of the parking brake. I hooked up the backing plate and a park brake to show how the cable connects and routes around the suspension. Excellent clearance all around.
  7. Big milestone day! Got the rear diff and half shafts back in the car!
  8. I built mine in... 3/16” steel on the connecting plates. Lowest point on the car...
  9. Took a few minutes to customize the @silverminemotors rear disc brake and park brake adapters. The supplied raw aluminum finish looked good, but I thought it would look better on my car with a nice gloss black finish. First a nice sandblasted texture, still drying from the cleaner...: And some gloss powder: And again after 30 minutes at 425 degrees! Now to just chase the threads and we should be good to go!
  10. While I wait for more brake components to get finished, I thought I would test out this new Park Brake cable from @silverminemotors. Available here from Edan: Park Brake Cable This original equipment was worn out and not suitable for the new Wilwood park brakes. The new cable is complete with the cir-clips needed to secure it to our setups, and fits nicely through our rubber hangers. I will get some more pics of the setup as I connect them to the park brakes. And one without the glare of the flash under the car... The length of the cable looks perfect so it should allow some flexibility in the custom setups for different people. I like it!
  11. I need to make a few adjustments. The offset from the hub to the rotor needs an additional 5mm, and I need to trim the outside diameter of the rotor by 5mm too. Easy peasy!
  12. I will be detailing the process of mounting the Silvermine kit onto the AZC rotors in a seperate thread.
  13. Back for a few days for Easter. Received the Silvermine kit and did a test mock-up. Looks like we have a workable solution.
  14. Install was a straightforward process. It is detailed in my build thread. If you can remove the old set-up, remove the shock cartridge, the rest is fairly simple. The strut is trimmed at a height above the knuckle that allows for max grip and alignment to the coil over. A bead weld is run around the base (not onto the cast knuckle, but the remaining tube from the strut) and that's it. The 3 bolt system bolts right in. You can open up your shock tower like I did and get full access to the camber settings (and show off your fancy coil overs!). Start reading here:
  15. I bought the CX Racing setup and am very impressed with the build quality and design. Contact Edan @silverminemotors for best pricing. I have not got mine on the road yet, but other reviews have been very positive.
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