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78 280 Z Pics for your evaluations Educate me!

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Hey Guys and Gals...I'm posting pics of my 78 280Z for evaluation as the PO did a to of modifications to this car that I have no specifics about.

I am thinking of selling this vehicle and would like to know if you see obvious problems.

Car seem mostly rust free, lot of suspension work done(?), is now running and runs pretty well except for a slightly high idol, gas tank cleaned, new fuel pump, injectors, lines, plugs, new tires, valves adjusted, new belts, hoses, brakes as new , coolant flush etc.

If you want specific pics let me know.

Interior is original and needs, carpet,rubber,seats covers, and dash is cracked...

Would be very interested in your comments and opinions!



308AFE9C-F996-47D1-8ACD-EA4299382C18_1_105_c copy.jpg

96E2ED8C-5F14-4B15-A483-23803B7D5393_1_105_c copy.jpg

30D821A7-A29D-4DE1-939A-4437821EE217_1_105_c copy.jpg

14CEF2C2-B4DC-4ADF-A96C-4954AF59DCD0_1_105_c copy.jpg

7B85B76C-C031-4703-B777-B9B2C0BC1A0E_1_105_c copy.jpg

3CFBF0AD-2CE7-4088-8A13-B8B81818B441_1_105_c copy.jpg

3B795205-8554-461C-863E-23D406D6D048_1_105_c copy.jpg

3795B07A-BE02-4A78-9D79-BC91EE5B6BB9_1_105_c copy.jpg

9836D9BB-6761-47F6-BA3B-59219A0860B9_1_105_c copy.jpg

12372B49-8B88-4208-A877-3F92DA19F158_1_105_c copy.jpg

A903E3E1-9812-40BE-BEDB-4F94CA1173F7_1_105_c copy.jpg

AB4FF22E-279D-460B-9694-2212D09945AA_1_105_c copy.jpg

AF2589A4-E0B4-4082-B39B-292273B55CAB_1_105_c copy.jpg

BA540568-54FD-411B-8D6C-BB538B49C7AA_1_105_c copy.jpg

BD974C39-D739-496B-8B21-F1FCCBCA7B1D_1_105_c copy.jpg

BE763F6B-5509-49B9-A631-4F3582BAAD16_1_105_c copy.jpg

D85C0CAC-90E2-4E46-B32C-D21FF98058E1_1_105_c copy.jpg

DC2093AB-AFD0-4504-9F51-3C0B44823995_1_105_c copy.jpg

DF0BDB32-82A5-44B4-BF13-EBDA55695E48_1_105_c copy.jpg

E466CB35-1F40-46F5-BF18-1FE079B16775_1_105_c copy.jpg

F1643F08-0BBC-4308-BEA6-A7E23F5D048F_1_105_c copy.jpg

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