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  1. Caution ! PS30-00187 is not for sale . Kats
  2. Here are some pictures of PS30-00187 , the most famous Z432-R . Mr. Takeuchi add this front spoiler which was euro standard equipment at some point in the past . I visited a craftsman with Mr. Takeuchi , the craftsman was doing and almost finished restoration of this Z432-R several years ago. I took some pictures , you will see the spoiler clearly. Kats
  3. Hi Chris, but I wish it were a lot lower starting bid . Kats
  4. Time flies , it is an honor to have them in my car . I really thank Mr. K and Mike brought me to the ZCON 2000 and 2004 . 17 Japanese Z owners took their cars to the ZCON . Kats
  5. I had to decide let this Skyline GTR Mikuni 40 go to help a little bit for buying a set of 44 . They are totally original, not restored. I added re-plated brackets for the fuel pipe. Not related to the carburetor , I found this page , my blue 240Z was chosen for Mr.K and Mike , that was an autumn 2000 .Mike got the wheel , Mr. K was a navigator. Kats
  6. Hi , a 1970 Z432 , PS30- 00243 is now on Yahoo Japan auction. ■昭和45年 日産 フェアレディ Z432 オプション多数付の車両・マグホイール箱入り付!! https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t690389765 Kats
  7. I haven’t heard about the trouble, I will ask some people. I don’t think there will be a big difference between them , maybe just linkage and fuel pipe connecter , jet setting ? Here is what I am planning to install to my spare S20 . Kats
  8. I have picked the sports option exhaust manifold up at Suzuka circuit auction hall . Here is some comparison. With this exhaust , I have decided to get Mikuni 44 type 2 , as listed in a Z432-R sports option catalog . I will show you more detail about it here when it arrives . Kats
  9. So , this auction car PS30-00289 has a later (1972 model ) speed meter. Normally this 1970 made car should have an early speed meter . Why ? Is this related this car sold and registered in 04/1972 ? A newer speed meter was released, so was it a choice of the customer ? PS30-00291 has also same thing , made in 1970 but sold in 05/1972 , it’s speed meter is 1972 model ( there are colored arches , yellow starts from 100km/h , red starts from 200km/h ) . An early speed meter doesn’t have colored arches . Or just they were replaced by some reason ? Kats
  10. Hi Gavin , I am glad that you like standard, skinny wheel Z432-R . I attached this picture car is what I call basic , plain , standard Z432-R (there would be more proper word to call ) , unfortunately not for sure the chassis number . Nissan sold this model for whom wants to do motor sports , and not intended for road legal . The race manual describes this configuration first , then describes how to modify for each part one by one . Most of Z432-Rs what we see today are the car like this .And were at least when they were sold . Nissan began to sale this ( basic ) Z432-R as a road legal car adding a windshield washer tank to pass the requirements. And some other modifications might be made .Probably customers might place orders to the dealer “ I want a heater , brake master vac , “ etc . We have seen one Z432-R had full interior trim just like a Z432 ! Those cars ( 20 cars or so, all of them 1969-1970 made ) were mostly sold in 1972-1973 , after Nissan works switched to L24 for track . We think that was a clearance sale of Z432-R . Z432 was 1850000 yen , but one day Mr. Kubo ( legendary tuner) was told “ could you please buy a Z432-R for 600000 yen ? “ Mr. Kubo didn’t take it because he saw works race car is now using L24 . I think works race car is different from picture car . First of all , usually works Z432-R was red , not 918 orange . Courtesy Motor Magazine . Kats
  11. Hi Gavin , I just don’t know . Maybe to concentrate on driving . Thinking about Z432-R , no insulates thick pad on the fire wall , and if you cut the glove box half like Mr.Katori’s car , you will have bright orange in your site . To delete uneasy feeling , Z432-R has those black paint . Here is a excerption from the race manual , you see the black paint “ Dashboard and front floor “ on the far right of the row . This auction car PS30-00289 should have black paint , it was registered 04/1972 as a ( standard ) Z432-R , not for racing . While Mr.Katori’s PS30-00186 was not registered when it was born , because this car was meant to be used as a race car . PS30-00186 looks no black paint on the front floor , and under dashboard area . This could be a interesting point talking about the difference between race car and standard Z432-R . I think standard Z432-R is very accurate for the race manual which is describing Z432-R specification . Kats
  12. Hi , the top one is yes , Mr . Terashima ‘s car . And the middle one and the bottom one is the same car ( PS30-00186) . Probably last year ? Mr. Katori changed its color from the bottom one to the middle one . We used to see the bottom “ No . 1” in some car magazines , we weren’t sure what race it ran . But recently we saw an article “ Racing on “ , it reports this car is the winner of Suzuka 1000km May 1970 , “No . 19 “ car. I think Mr. Katori changed its color to the winner car after he was convinced that. Then it was featured “ Racing on “ . What made him to determine the car is the winner of the race ? Probably he did hard work to source the evidence of the racing footage . The car was tuned at Omori ( now its engine is not original) the driver was Mr. Nishino / Mr. Fujita , privately entry drivers . The wheel “ No. 19 “ is Nissan race option magnesium wheel , not Watanabe wheel . This car has roll bar , while the auction car PS30-00289 doesn’t have it , I see no sign at the rear deck . Kats
  13. Can we say we have three kinds of Z432-R ? #1 Factory Works race car ( everything special) #2 Private race car ( some works parts , and , mostly race option parts which can be purchased from “ Nissan sports corner “ ) #3 Plain stock car sold to the public ( car like displayed at Tokyo motor show , Ginza show room , engine / transmission/ differential/ wheels / steering / brakes / etc are the same as standard Z432 , race option parts were available for customers choice ) What we see today , 10- 15 Z432-Rs are existing, most of them are #3 car . I think I have seen only two private race cars , Mr. Katori and Mr. Terashima have it . Alan , have you ever seen #1 Factory Works race car in your life ? And should I say there would be # 1.5 ( halfway Works and Private ) race car ? Here is a scan from a Car graphic 12/1969 you see the plain Z432 which has a Z432-R dash board ( no cut away for the clock , blowers, glove box key etc ) with a standard steering wheel . Note the head rest is only for the drivers seat , rear strut support vinyl trim , and the JDM spec battery omitted its cover . No heater ! No inspection lamp at the right front strut tower . Kats
  14. Hi Gavin , I don’t know the car has a true rally wheels , it seems to me it has replica ones because it is a very clean and neat appearance . Alan will tell us about it . I became old , Gavin . I turned 50 in last June , PS30-00001 was also born in June 1969 . And I am so jealous of Z432-R . But now way afford to Buy it . So I force myself to say “ I don’t want a R , no heater in a cold winter , no reclining for a long distance trip , their engine is nothing different from my standard Z432 ! “ But we know Mr . Takeuchi ( PS30-00187 ) takes his Z432-R almost everywhere , every month for a lot of car events . Probably his car is the most tripped car among Z432-R , even standard Z432 . His Z432-R ‘s S20 had a overhaul this year , probably third time in its life . Here is a good thread started by Alan . Kats
  15. I forgot to say My 240Zs runs great ! Handling great ! Here are some pictures of the auction car PS30-00289 , I took the pictures 2018, you can see some items are replaced to be more proper . The exhaust system was not beautiful at that time, the bottom was loosened badly. Kats
  16. I totally agree with you , Both engines are Nissan’s , even more Japan’s best engine. I always feel difficulties which one I should take for a ride today . We should not mixed up with talking about engine and talking about particular car . We should compare Engine to engine, race car to race car . A car for sold to the public must be compared with a car like that . Talking about a car , as Alan always said , Z432 has the perfect sports package . No modification strictly needed . With my little experience, I can’t say Z432 is not a good car just only because of its small displacement, less torque, little heavier S20 engine . Z432 has lighter wheels , 5 speed , R192 4.444 limited slip diff with a rear stabilizer bar . Coil overs spring rates are just right , aluminum radiator helps reducing weight of engine room little bit , strong spark up to 10000 rpm is brought by transistor igniter system . Stainless exhaust and dual pipes exhaust system too , all of these features are standard item . Datsun 240Z Europe model ( especially Portugal model ) can be a good rival of Z432 I think . But thinking about a car for a long distance journey or a daily commuter , an easy ride , Datsun 240Z ( and Japanese L20/L24 car ) is a car for everyone . When I take my 240Z , I don’t have to wait more than 5 minutes for the water temp coming up in a busy morning , or I don’t have to carry an oil can for every 1000km adding 1 litter . I don’t have to worry about crazy expensive gas . And the exhaust fumes are not welcomed my neighbors . 4 speed transmission with 3.35 doesn’t need busy work, almost like an automatic transmission when you in a 3rd gear . All of these things make me feel “ I really love my 240Z ! “ Kats
  17. Good catch everyone ! This R has an original Dash which doesn’t have cut away for the blower vent for each side . You can see the hole is just covered ( un - cut ) by vinyl . Usually this vinyl had cut for the vent .This is the true dash for the 432-R . However , each car has each customized style . This car has center vent with control levers , I can’t tell from the picture whether this car has a heater box or not but , there might be a heater box . Attached picture is the good example of a plain Z432-R which has close configurations to the press car . No map light , no blower fan switch , no slide levers , no glove box lid , etc . Blue , you may have some pictures of the press car’s cockpit in your Hoover bag . Kats
  18. Hi , I am in San Francisco today . I have just watched the movie “ Ford vs Ferrari “ I really enjoyed it , fantastic cars and stories. I hope someone make a movie “ Datsun vs Ford “ at Safari rally, that is going to be exciting. My friend Mr. Shimoura got this Shelby Cobra 427 , CSX6000 series continuation model for his birthday, he turned 70 ! He let me drive it , it’s fast and so much fun ! Kats
  19. This study, if my memories serves correct, was made by Mr .Tamura and his team . Mr. Tamura had a several collage students to make this model , He was a supervisor, and let them lead the way , This car has a device that projects the outside view on a cockpit monitor . Yes it has a camera . And the team put a TV monitor at the corner of this car to show its camera is viewing people gathering around this car . Kats
  20. Hi Blue , it is interesting, computer do lots of things. This picture, I think this blue 240Z has a black splash guard . Kats
  21. I have got the book too ! Thanks Alan , you provided so much excitement to the book , wonderful pictures. Kats
  22. Hi Blue , I don’t know much about it, I would say the bottle is not for any S30 . Kats
  23. PS30-00166 is on the same auction , this car was mentioned already here in the past auction in the US . Seems it changed in hands in the US maybe previous owners wasn’t happy about the car . The estimate is really low , but I don’t know it is a good buy for someone who wants a right Z432 . Kats
  24. Hi Gavin , if I were single , I would quit buying a house , then I would go for a car . But maybe not a Z432-R. I want a Ferrari or Lamborghini ! Kats