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    deliverin pizza/student

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    ive got a rust bucket old z that has a hell of lot of problems but i still drive it everyday.(at least on the days its running) love these cars anyways:)

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  1. yea ill be there to accept the lashings from all the other datsun guys. but your gonna have to kill steve epperly too because he bought the SUs and sold me the intake manifold, He wasn't very happy about what i was gonna do though haha:p
  2. Your probably all gonna kill me over this:p But I pulled the SU's off my 240z, and put on this Skyline P90 intake on it (I ported the hell outta the intake to match the carb). The carb is a 2 barrel carter I pulled off a dodge 273 and rebuilt. It seems to be running considerably better than my SU's, but with maybe a very slight bit less power. However the SU's could've used a good rebuild, and I'm still tinkering with this setup. Ive still got the choke to hook up and it needs filters and a better fix for a couple of the vacuum lines then Im gonna give it a cold air intake.
  3. ok thanks guys. so I ended up getting them tuned at ztherapy (Steve was a really nice guy by the way) and it ran better but long story short i still couldnt get it to run right. It had a vacuum leak at the throttle shaft like i thought. so I ended up pulling the S.U.'s from my 72 parts car. they were the same carbs of course but i went through them. I got really lucky, it runs like a champ now. I don't think i have much of a power difference but it runs way more consistent, better fuel economy, and sounds a lot better. now my idle starts around 550 without being choked and warms up to about 800. totally different car.
  4. Hey so ive got a 73 240 with the 72 SU's with the emissions removed vac lines on carbs capped. only engine mods besides carbs is 79 electronic distributor, and electronic fuel pump. Well when I start the car it idles around 800 but after about ten minutes of driving the idle works itself to 1500 and doesn't come down from that. A friend told me it was was probably a vacuum leak because sometimes wen i turn the car off the engine runs for a second, and my heater vents blow cold air and defrost blows warm, and you can kinda hear a hiss from the engine when i turn it off that i cant find anywhere.... so I unplugged and capped the distributor advance and the brake booster but neither helps. I also sprayed starting fluid all over suspicious spots like intake and hoses. and only around the the throttle shaft where it meets between the two carbs did it seem to make any idle fluctuation. maybe this could be the problem? warn out? any help would be greatly appreciated:)
  5. I think i retarded it 8 degrees, after putting the electronic distributor in it. Oh and could adjusting my valves help? someone suggested that. oh yea i forgot to put that, the vacuum advance is a little weird. it has like a hundred rpm variation at idle speed. maybe i should get the distributor rebuilt. oh and yea i kinda drive it quick, not too crazy though. i shift at like 3500.
  6. So anybody here have any ideas as to how i could get better gas mileage outta this car of mine? I drive about 20 to 60 miles a day. (pizza delivery) I'm not sure if it has something wrong with it or if its just normal but the car only gets 14 mpg in the city and 18 on the freeway. Here's an overview of what i have, 1972 240z with stock 2.4 liter, 4 speed tranny, stock dual S.U.'s (tuned by Steve at Ztherapy), and r180 rear end. Runs great and tranny or clutch doesn't seem to be slipping, but it needs an alignment and the rear end clunks and i think it should be a little faster. Here's what I've done to it so far. Tune up--- New Plugs/wires, K&N air filter, 280zx Electronic distributor, Electronic fuel pump, i think the oils 10w 30. new alternator, gas tank, front body kit, fuel lines cleaned. any ideas would be greatly appreciated:)
  7. thank you very much by the way everyone for helping me figure out whats wrong with this thing. very much appreciated:)
  8. so i robbed the coil and resistor off my parts car put them on there and it started to run a little better on the freeway. I could get it to about 75 before it did this. I started driving down to a friends house to get an electronic distributor he had laying around and on my way over it stopped getting fuel pressure and i could barely get it to run at all. im thinking that my gas tank is a lot worse than i thought. im gonna rob the tank out of my 74 260(parts car) and hopefully that will fix it. im gonna clean it out really good before hand though. so between the electronic distributor and the gas tank im hoping this will fix it!! this car has givin me so much trouble its earned the name duh'z's:p
  9. so ive got another wierd problem with this 72 240z of mine. when i get going abut 60 mph it soundslike a lawnmower and boggs down till i get to maybe 45 miles an hour. But it cruises just fine at about 50-55. oh and it does this up hills too. i can take hills only about 25 mph. all of my emmisions crap is removed. ive replaced my fuel pump and filter, flushed my lines and cleaned the parts on the tank that the fuel comes out of with a clothes hanger and compressed air. pulled my carbs apart and cleanedthem out. steve at z therapy set my float bowls for me. and i replaced my points and checked my timing.. still does it... anyone have any idea what i should try next? someone suggested that i need a new distributor and that pertronix kit would fix this. But its pretty out of my budget right now unless i have to. well any advice would be appreciated:) oh by the way it idles good and drives just fine in the city.
  10. thank you guys, i got them to work. i dont really understand it though. they werent working then i turned it off, turned it back on pumped the brakes a few times to check the brake lights again and the turn signals just started working again. kinda wierd. im thinking maybe my brake lights switch or something?
  11. thank you guys. so its still not working... my ignition fuse is good, and my turn signal indicator is working.(i checked it with a test light) i replaced the corrent flasher does anyone know if the is supposed to be power going through the flasher or is it just a ground? and the brake lights and hazzards work. im about to check the front bulbs.
  12. hey the ive never posted on here but i was hopin someone could help me out. the other day i was driving my 72 240z and i forgot to secure my battery. when i went around a corner it fell on the engine. grounded out and melted my positive terminal. I thought it was gonna have big problems. but everything still works except for my turn signals. Flick the switch up or down nothing happens. it isnt getting any power to the top two fuses on the right side. the ones that say lights L and lights R. i also changed out the flasher and still nothing. Anyone know where i should go from here?
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