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  1. The time has come for me to replace my springs. MSA only has the progressive rate Eibach speings. These sound good but I have seen some threads that note problems with these progressive springs. Both ride height and that the top coils fully compress at rest...so why have them? Any info or feedback you may have will be welcome. Thanks
  2. Well the tire problem was fixed by adjusting the camber. The alignment tech checked the control arms.very familir with Z's and all looked well. My rear camber is adjustment was altered years ago with the 3 hols in the top of the strut were made in to slots. At the time the car very lowered with the interpart springs. Very stiff & lowere it 2". It looked great but very harsh ride and the spoiler in front kept getting damaged. I had installed the rear camber adjustment kit from MSA but it never worked well. Noisy over bumps and I had the towers modified for adjustment. Anyway...... The tire
  3. No spacers but the car was restored. I had a set of IMSA flares on it. We removed those & replaced the lower 1/4 panel but it looks right. I will measure the center to fender on both sides when we get it to the alignment shop.
  4. The tires are out on the left about 1/4". It will be going to the alignment shop asap. The tires are Khumo 225/45 17". I'll let you know what happens in a few eeks.
  5. I put a set of Konig 17" wheels on my car . I got them from Motorsport...they are made especially for early "Z" cars. On hard right turns the left rear tire hit the inside fender. I was looking into springs/shocks etc but a friend pointed out something odd. When standing behind the car looking toward the front you can see the tire sticking out a little on the left. On the right you can't. This is telling me that the left wheel is further out (from the center of the car) than the right. Does anyone have any idea how this is possible & what can be done. Thanks.
  6. I changed some settings and can now send PM's....so...PM's sent !!
  7. I tried sending you guys pm's but nothing shows up in my "sent items" so I don't know if you are getting them. Call me at (805) 484-9487. I'll pick up if I'm here or leave your # & I'll call you back. I am interested in both the hooks & the steering wheel. Thanks
  8. I posted about these in NOv. and JLPurcell responded with a pm. I responded but I don't think my response got to JL. Anyway I am looking for the little hooks that you hang the seatbelts on when not in use on early (71) 240Z. Jerry if you didn't get my response I'm sorry. I can't seem to get a response "sent". Anyway I am also looking for a stock 71 steering wheel. I have a neat little Momo style leaterh wheel but it makes the car hard to steer for this old man . Anyone with anything for me let me know. Thanks.
  9. My Z is a 71 and the belts didn't retract. There was a little hook and you had to hang them up when not in use.
  10. Jerry, I stink at computers. I've tried to respond to your PM with a PM but I don't think I have been sucessful. Nothing in my "sent" items. So I'll try to reach you here. I would lkie to buy the hooks if you have them. Thanks, Frank
  11. JLP, apparently I do have a series 2 car (build date 6/71). If you have a set of hooks I would like to buy them. Let me knw what to do next. Thanks, Frank. P.S. Happy Thanksgiving !!
  12. I don't know what "series 2" cars are. These are plastic hooks with a single screw hole that mounts then to the inside of the car below the small side window. You hang the belts on them. I thought I would find something I could use at Home Depot but no luck. My car is a 71 240, what hooks do you have? What are they from? I appreciate your response.
  13. My 71 Z is coming along but I need the plastic hooks that you hang the (non-retracable in 71) seat belts on when not in use. Anybody have any? Or any suggestions on where (or how) I can get them? Thanks in advance.
  14. I don't know if I'm violating any forum rules but I got a set of fiberglass panel fully upholstered for $400.00 for the set. I got them form the Hybred Z site. Again, I hope mentioning them is not a no-no but they were great. The guys name is Pete Robinson. He also has some with a raised speaker opening. Just my .02
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