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  1. Didn't know where else to post this, so like the title says, i don't wanna over pay. Any help? Thanks!
  2. Im very excited to purchase my items from T3. All of their products look very nice, and sturdy. I emailed the company and the response time was great. Picking up their coilovers, 4 of their weld on camber plates, and some other minor things for under 1000... not bad in my book.
  3. Hey everyone I would love to know what you have done for your suspension setups in the high horsepower v8 Datsuns.
  4. Hello all. Another question from me. Ive got a 72 Donor car and a 71 Rolling chassis Will the dash from my 72 fit into the 71? or will i have to find a different dash? I know that the dash caps are different year to year, just not sure if maybe mounting brackets are different?
  5. Hello all. Well ive gotten a rolling chassis because my other 240z is just way to much work (rust). Now that im starting to stockpile parts for the swap im looking at suspension and not finding much help from others who have done the conversion. What sort of work am i looking at as far as fabricating or altering mounts? Are their any kits that will do the job? This will not be a drag car. More of a track/sunday driver. Thanks everyone for being so helpful.
  6. After seeing a shaved rear in person at Eagle Rock at a datsun meet. Ive decided to go that way.... I realize that if i get hit their isnt much safety, but after all im throwing a LS1 block into the car, Safety is just an illusion at that point.
  7. Hey guys Are their any good bolt in roll cages, or for the price should i just look into building one myself?
  8. Thanks! dont know why i dident look there before.
  9. Hello all I keep running into rolling chassis with no vin plates on them. Im wondering if theres a location on the chassis for me to get the number from? Registration fees in California are crazy for cars that haven't been registered for a few years, and i cant check the vin on a chassis to see what the fees are. Thanks for all the help you guys on here have given me so far.
  10. GREAT answer... thanks so much. This is the route im going to go.
  11. Ive been toying with an idea in my head. Id like to get some feedback if possible. The other day i removed the rear bumper from my 72 240 and was AMAZED at how good it looks without one. But i thought it would look cool to put two small vertical bars with little spacer bars to bring it out a few inches where the bumper bolt holes go, Kind of like the AC cobra. What do you guys think?
  12. Hey all, Ive been looking around for specs or even guesses on what kind of HP and Torque the OBX LSD can take, but i haven't been able to find anything. Anyone here have one with a V8 conversion? Has it held up well? Thanks in advance.
  13. Interesting, i will have to measure them and findout. The interior is in great shape! except for the BBQ coals all over the seats!
  14. Thats the thing, the interior looked like a late Z. il go check it out again today for fun. I did bring the steeringwheel home to restore.
  15. i have NO idea, the driver side door was literary rusted off.
  16. Nope it was left hand drive. I think it might have been a hodgepodge of different year Datsun interiors. Check out the rust on this thing! http://s1135.photobucket.com/albums/m625/LS1datsun/
  17. They were sitting in the glove compartment! The 240 wasn't like any ive ever seen. real weird interior. The car had more rust than any z ive ever seen. The driver side door had fallen off due to rust.
  18. Today at the salvage yard i found 2 Original Fairlady Z Carb repair kits. How common are these? Are they worth anything? http://i1135.photobucket.com/albums/m625/LS1datsun/DSCF3402.jpg
  19. Ive decided that the Quaife just simply is not in my budget, and if i were going to do the STI R180, i would be spending about 450 for the diff, and a crazy 500 for those stub axles. and with that much money i might as well buy the quaife. So ive narrowed it down to 2 options, Get a LSD from a 300zx turbo for around 650$ or get the OBX for about 400$ Which is a better purchase? Keeping in mind that il be running an LS1?
  20. Interesting ideas, im gonna have to look into that. I worry that it wont be an option for me, im trying to keep this build a budget one, but i have a feeling i might drop all the cash im saving by doing all my own body work/motor mounts and such on engine and drive-line. Still tho if anyone has any reliable but cheaper options id love to hear them whal i research the WRX diff
  21. Ive been up all night looking at different LSD swaps. It seems that the R200 out of a Turbo 300ZX is the easiest, but i have learned that they are very hard to come by. So im wondering what the most cost effective/ Easiest (Im reluctant to say easiest because i know it will be a lot of work either way) LSD swap will be. I suppose i could weld an open diff, but i really really dont want to. Thanks for any info. Ive used the search button but have not found anything about what might be the best way to go. Thanks
  22. After a week long search i was able to find a new donor roof for 75$! Id like to find a shop to do the work for me, and id like to talk to them before i cut the roof off to see where exactly i should cut it. Im worried about some rust in my existing roof thats right above the drivers side rear window louver. Anyone know a good shop who has experience doing roofs? Thanks so much.
  23. Yeah im juggling the idea of replacing the ragtop thats on it now, its "Crispy" at the moment and leaks like crazy.
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