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  1. wow, what a blast from the past! Who the hell brought this up? Well, I ended up buying an 81 280zx that december, blew the headgasket a month later. Pulled it in january, found out that the PO had used gasket maker all over the head :dead: Had a hard time putting it all back together (f54 with n42!), since I had no experience. Then I found out that the car had a mechanic's lien on it (the PO lied about it...) and basically, a car for parts. A friend offered me a little money for it, but i just couldnt... The day I finished putting everything together, right after bolting on the head, i went to the local z club's annual meet. Long story short, for a $10 raffle ticket I won a 1972 240z :nervous: it now has n42/n42 l28, dual round top su's, sport suspension, and minor mods here and there. It's my daily, and I love it. I've done all the work on it myself (with some help) and plan to keep it forever. Pics in my gallery! Luis
  2. mexlife

    red 240z

    damn, THAT is polish
  3. yes, that would be me... Unfortunately, I don't have a bigger picture of that car. I wish i did
  4. They look like my old wheels... did you get those wheels from kevin?
  5. mexlife

    Hatch Leak

    I used to have a leaky antenna seal. Might wanna check that?