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  1. when u've had enough fun.. i would like to buy it!!!!!!!! serious... BEST IN OZ.. IMO thus far..
  2. HELL YEAH!! pure that's awesome stance on th rear in the first pic! i'd so buy that if that was here..in Oz
  3. hey all lemme know if ya have ones cheers
  4. howdy count me in for everything pending on prices aswell.. cheers
  5. Guess not then....!! lolROFL:embarrass:ROFLROFLROFLROFL
  6. Hey Kid-K! ahh no worries, u probs have a million things 2 do to the car, just don't 4get 2 keep updating us! =) Ah that price sounds about right.. i got my last car hand flared with extendend metal fabrication... just thought u may have done it yaself. Be good if this bloke was in Adel... Anone know how Torana flares would go?? how much....hmmm:cool: keep it up fella!
  7. Yeah Laggy!! she's mine all mine!!!
  8. another one in Adel! hell yeah.. sure matey.. sounds good! Got pics of ur ride?? So r u guys still doin this... group buy
  9. yeah right.... that explains it then.. false advertising i tell ya!!
  10. SPONGE DISCO BOB!!! sounds very good to me so far... so to clarify, right now i can use s13 lca without any other mods to obtain A/M coilovers?? If so that's super already! I've read a guy has already used TIEN adjustable camber tops and it a bolt in job..so no dramas there.. woot! Will i be able to keep the standard engine for now if i try to use the 32 crossmember?? And lastly... i can't go 5stud without having a Rack? Don't laught at me..ok i'm still learning in my old age... i use to just drive and pay someone..but now with a wifey i kinda hafta pull me finger out and do it meself to keep the costs down haha Rear end is easy enough i can comprehend that.. well sweet! thanks for ya 2cents it has been good!
  11. ooooh... thanks.. but i meant a section in this section just for the 240k forum...
  12. Hey guys, Do you think there should be a classifieds section? I mean not that people with our cars want to part with any parts that we have or can source!! anyhoos i'm after a standard carbie for my 73 240k... if anyone has a spare one for sale?? Just missed out on one on ebay!!! grrr which on of yoose got it! my car has a damn Holley on it from the previous owner! Need to change it..so hard to start up...runs awesome when warmed up.. just a real POS to start.. feathering the throttle to keep it alive.
  13. Hey fellas! Been going through some of these posts...wow some are like 2-3years old.. Anyways maybe we are a couple of years more advance now and up to 10 or so people on this forum! :cool: I would like to have a 5x114.3 stud pattern on 24ok coupe. Is it as simple as changing the hub? What vehicle is a good donor? I would like an adjustable coilover set up for the front at least.. I'm very fond of the 32,33/S15 silvia etc upwards braking setup. As i use to have a 5stud coverted 180sx with 2way mechanical lsd, big turbo.. the works.. I have a set of very deep dished Work Equips from that car which i have been saving to put on a special ride like my present 240k. anyhows please help & share your knowledge with me... 1) i would like front coilovers, i've read that adjustable camber tops from an s13 is a straight bolt on? That's a start.. 2) 5stud conversion is a necessity, 3) 2way mechanical lsd, i would luv to have again.. 4) Rear disc conversion, once again with 5x114.3 pattern is a must, 5) Drivabilty and handling similar to that of my 180sx with more emphasis on drift than circuit. I'm extremely good hands on.. but terminology and part names which part is which etc i may fall short.. so please forgive me if sometime i may have questions that are simple.. anyways i have the help of my little 16 year old bro.. he has single handedly pulled apart his first car.. a dead 31skyline N/A auto and converted it to turbo manual and 5speed... all with no formal training and with the help of net forums!! genius! A natural talent! i talk too much! Please share your brains.. cheerbies!
  14. excuse my ignorance, but i've seen many say "hardtop"... did these cars come out in soft top?? I think my 240k coupe had a vinyl roof but it off and the roof is solid as metal.. pls explain.. thanks
  15. i'm pretty sure it is the c210 but the early one which still had the same headlights and bumpers like the 240k coupe and taillights but the tail light surround are smaller and the garnish is wider than the k coupe..
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