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  1. Hey Perth 240K Any chance you could let me know the paint code of your car as I gave up trying to find a 240k and instead am now restoring a 260C coupe which could look great in that colour. Cheers Chris
  2. Any chance you could tell me the colour silver? I'm looking for inspiration for my 260C Coupe:)
  3. How did I miss this thread? !! Awesome read Hope to find a good 240K one day. After years of search without luck I gave in and went for a 260C coupe. So watching now to see how it turns out (the original green was an awesome colour on these so I hope you keep it green) On the subject of wheels I see you fitted 8.5 -12 9 -16 wheels without flares. so as the 260 seems to have so much more guard space can anyone advise if 15x9"-1 would fit? Auction ends today and I need to know or take the gamble
  4. R34

    new project

    Yes it was Adam There were 2 cars but I just bought one due to shipping cost. Why, have you seen it or know about it?
  5. R34

    new project

    Here are a couple
  6. R34

    new project

    Well I didn't buy the 1600 but I've just agreed to buy a 1976 260C Coupe. Just need to find a 260 forum for advice :-)
  7. R34

    new project

    Crikey! Found a 240K coupe after 6 months...I've been looking for 4 years! One disadvantage of living in WA I guess. I've even looked at trying to get a C210 or a 180B SSS with no luck. Currently looking at an unfinished 1600 ..my head says go for it as parts are plentiful but my heart says a 6 cyl coupe. What to do? :disappoin
  8. Awesome find mate I'm in Perth and have been looking for a 240K coupe for years with no luck. But if I came apon a sedan like that I'd be all over it. If anyone sees one for sale around the place I'd be keen. Had a couple when they were near new...wish i had kept them. Giving away my age but had 3 near new 77 240K's as my wedding cars :-)
  9. Yeah good luck I've been on the lookout over in WA for about 3 years :-(
  10. R34

    Fair Price

    I've found a 240K coupe I can buy What is a fair price to offer? Car has minor (for a 240K) rust One panel needs previous poor repair rectified Needs a total respray All external trims and bumpers are there , straight and in reasonable condition. Interior has minor issues but overall in pretty amazing condition Mechanicals are unknown but it's all there but not running
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