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Simo's Yonmeri tuning life.. 240k/gc110

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Going to do a copy and paste to get up to speed with where it is today.

Had been looking for a kenmeri datsun 240k coupe for the past couple of years with not too much luck few good ones but either too many $ or to much rust, I was always pretty against the sedan (yonmeri the 4 door version) However I had mentioned to a neighbour (who buys and sells alot of mid 90's cars and has a few mates that are towies for wreckers) next to 612 autoworks (part time workshop I run we do guard rolling for reasonable price too /end shameless self promo) to keep an eye out for a 240k for me, not a week later he tells me he has found one a 240 coupe, I couldn't believe my luck!!! Although I had been burnt before with other leads so I didn't really do much with the number he gave me. 2 weeks later after being screwed by another seller I thought stuff it lets make the call and see what this one is all about. I called the number and spoke to the son of the owner who explained he wanted to sell, we spoke about price came up with a reasonable one car sight unseen. Organised a time with his parents to go have a look at it.

So Sunday (19/08/12) afternoon rolls around, meet up with a few of the other jzx boys who were keen to have a look (Jake, Ash, Winston and Charlie who owns a awesome next generation C210 240k coupe that he is building) we jump in the car drive 5kms from the 612 shop where we are greeted with a hell of a long driveway and this little diamond in the rough



The car had been sitting around dormant for the last 2years since the owner took it to a their local mechanic who explained to them the cars head gasket has gone or it has a cracked head and told the elderly couple they would have to pay to get the motor pulled apart before they could find out how much it would cost to fix, being on the pension and having very little disposable $ they had parked it in the hope to one day get the car back on the road. The owner of the car was 86 and had owned the car for at least 20 years and is believed to be the second owner.. After a good chat to the owner and quick look around the car I told him I would take it and be back in an hour..

So off to get a trailer we go


I dont any photos of how nasty the driveway was but we had to flat tow it up the 100 odd meter driveway




Damn driveway even had the high as a kite como scraping..


which meant unhitching the trailer down the road and taking the wags down the driveway with a tow rope to tow it to the road park it, then re attach the trailer to the wags, then roll the car down the step road to the trailer.


out of the garage for first time in 2 years



Aside from very little rust in the scheme of these cars and the blown headgasket the only other real problem is where someone crashed into the car about 3years ago which is fortunatly only the door, although finding a good door wont be easy..


bought the car back to the shop which was like a 10min drive..


unloaded it locked it up, and headed back up to the sellers house as part of the terms of the sale were that I would also take the 79 mazda 626 (rwd) the same car he taught his son to drive in when he was 16.. he is now 41.. so they had owned this for at least 25 odd years.. so we had to rinse and repeat the unhitch trailer tow out hitch trailer load trailer sequence all over again..


so if anyone is interested in the 626 pm me. it too is suspected to have a blown headgasket, is lowered and has some funky wheels on it..


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Anyways back to more important things interior is great! missing a badge, has a cracked dash only in one spot, and a tear in drivers seat otherwise in awesome condition for its age.



After looking over it for a while curiousity gets the better of charlie and I and we want to know if it starts/runs.. albeit a blown headgasket/cracked head perhaps.. hook up leads pull out choke turn key and she fired right up...! All the lights work interior and exterior no faults in wiring what soever..



Charlie needed to take off I decided even though it was pitch black and like 9 degrees I want to give the car a quick scrub see what the paint is like under all the dirt and there was plenty of that!



Hands went numb but totally worth it!


Winston came back around 8-9 we played around the with mazda in the dark, then Charlie sends a msg asking if we still at the factory and if we wanted him to bring around his awesome hyashi street rims from his datsun.. 8.5 -12 9 -16 or something like that.. 1hr later Charlie rocked up with wheels in hand on they go that is with the car on the ground the guard gap on the front was massive!!





Car also came with a spare rear right door skin was purchased new from nissan many years ago and a rear taillight garnish as well as a spare boot


That was enough after one day..

Monday I got on the old yahoo auctions and ordered a few bits and pieces I <3 Jesse.. Also Dave came around to check it out and we attempted a brakie and a spin around the block, niether of which were overally sucessful.

Tuesdays nights efforts..

This happened...


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Professional lowering job..







One of these photo's found its way to charlies phone.. to which we get a reply of something like "WOW im coming now, and bring more aero.." So 1hr or so later charlie came around with a host of goodies from his c210 coupe so some bits dont exactly fit this generation.. but still

Chin spolier and his funky bonnet thingos


boot lip





So that is 3days of ownership and all of charlie's parts...

BIG thank you to everyone who has come and helped out and to Charlie for loaning me your bits and pieces.

So yeh long term plans for the car..

Rebuilt/refreshened L24 motor Cam, duel carbie setup extractors/zorst

fix up rust

new bushes throughout, maybe cheap brake upgrade

wheels, chin spoiler, gtr boot wing, flares, coilovers

club reg and enjoy the sunday cruiser.

NIL plans for big mega power engine conversion etc. This car is going to be all poser weekend car with a nice sound to it. If I want to go fast or handle I have the jzx..

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So got the mazda running, took a new battery and some fuel....

It got a well deserved clean and boom, awesome car is awesome.. same driveline mounts as series 1 rx7...



So will be chucking up on ebay.

Enter new contender...


so thats 3 cars in two weeks.... + jzx and work sportswagon, im turning into ash but holding onto them instead of selling for profits..

5 car tuning life..




2 Generations of 4dr 240k datsun loving..



Its all about the L24 baby


Few hours after recieving the car


Insert breif hail storm


Few more hrs and boom


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So pulled the cover off the motor in the green car


yeh..... I mean I knew head gasket was gone but damn!

Gave it a good clean up ready for paint.


So the motor out of the purple one looking like this now


With help from the parts on this shelf



Front & Rear Seals

Water pump


most gaskets



New clutch master


Which means only one thing the MT pedals are in


Got bored so cleaned up super faded window surrounds, with a basic job till I figure out what is going to happen to the body.


I lost custody of the purple car, so it has gone to hang out with its other owner and brother (c210 coupe) Which has free'd up some room again. Also sold the Mazda on Friday which has cleared up more space too.

A pair of these pop'd up for a good price and local friend of a friend


So after a trial fit on saturday these were purchased...

They are meant to be a rear pair (15x9 -3 Work Equip 01) but they didnt quiet fit


So yesterday the guard roller came out and I got the resident guard roller onto the job.






Will rip motor out of green one in coming weeks, and get the purple car motor/box in there

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Tuesday night, ripped the old motor/auto box out.


Wednesday night, rolled the car outside to degrease high pressure etc.





After hours of cleaning/polishing little bit of painting. (big thanks to Harley for all the polishing magic!)



Thursday Night put the engine back together





Then in the car..


Car doesnt kick over yet, got to 2:30am and gave up (needless to say work is a struggle today) low spark appears to be the problem, but fresh minds this afternoon/weekend will be able to diagnos it a bit better.

Big tanks to the boys which came down and lent a hand over the last few nights!

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Not too much has happened, progress slowed due to being busy elsewhere atm.


Family ties..



Have pulled the front guards off to make a start the hunt to rust


Rain guards arrived from japan





After a very quick polish


Quick walkaround video, headers into one muffler which is just below passenger seat. (Its temp until I get proper exhuast setup.)

Drive by

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Awwww yeh, this is awesome. Those wheels look brilliant with the car lowered. Seriously cool.

How are your C pillar trims? I've got a mint set at home collecting dust.

Have you considered a set of carbs from the 240Z? My C110 has an L24 with doubles which I'm goign to be removing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I have been quiet on the datsun updates, as most of the work of late has been pull bits and pieces of the car and starting on exploring the rust situation, and to be honest its not that bad compared to most 240k's.

Last week I received a host of goodies I had ordered from Streeter


Mags/ new bible came with mini ken & mary sticker's



Pair of badges



Green sanyo fan! cause summer is coming! It is 24v so need to get a convertor, but willl be totally worthwhile. Although I am considering selling as there is little room for it in the k.


purple spinning strobe light


for the parcel shelf


in action on charlies jzx71


very bright!

Tail lights before a clean/polish


Tail light in spare garnish after a polish


Difference between aus and jap




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Speaking of lights.... which will be controversial...


New number plate bolt/lights



Engine dress up



Friend also got back from Japan and picked up a ken & mary sticker for me. One of many awesome presents he bought back for me, although this is the only datsun specific.


Also had a ebay care package arrive with a tonne of white led's as I could not see the damn dash cluster at night.



Another package from Jesse turned up today, so will have more silly purchase updates in coming days.

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  • 2 months later...

Time to learn to weld..


So I have borrowed Jakes welder thanks buddy.. I would like to say I have never welded before and I am sure that is obvious to anyone who has in the below pics, but meh gotta learn somewhere.

Process goes

Sanded back and cut out any questionable bits


Make up patch panel


Tack Weld in (I didnt know what I w)



Grind back to flat figure out what holes if any need more


By far the worst sections of rust on this car have been behind rear wheels in boot arches..



Dont think I have any pics of the inner skin holes but you get the idea with where the fresh metal is.. Making this shaped patch panels took sooo lonng all curved and cut to perfection.. This pic was mid way through welding in.


Was also a number of pin holes to fill with weld to as shown here with a half way through pic


Grinded it back


Then did the 3 stage por15 rust prevention process and cut up and started to instal rear outter skin patch panel


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No holes or bad rust in the boot so ground whole boot back to bare metal and POR15'd the boot



Will build a false mdf floor across the boot floor way later

Anyway enough of that crap

Under floor pan, where alot of dattos rust


Started paint scraping and BOOM new car underneath


Must have been a very good paint protection!

Random Pic


O yeh I bought a cage too and mocked it up in car


Has been lots of datsun parts hunting adventures but will update that and the progress on doors at a later stage!

Plan is to go hard across the Xmas holidays..

Still have no idea what color to paint the car... Will take suggestions?

Anyone in melbourne want to catch up one day over the xmas holidays I will be at the shop in ferntree gully the whole time working on the Datsun.

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Keep it original colour mate, seriously...!

Here's a couple of pics of mine below, I believe your mate Charlie bought extractors from me a while back.

I kept mine original colour, I think it looks great, a lot of people are changing to modern colours on older cars, it's always good to see an old car in it's factory spec paint colour.

My car isn't ready at the moment, but you're welcome to pop in & check it out...

Engine almost wired up, hoping to start in the next few days.



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Yeh currently working on a few different options for suspension forback of the K, need the car on the road so I can do some development work to see if the bright ideas will pay off.

Charlie is my buddy, might take you up on that offer in the early weeks of Jan!

I hate new paint on old cars too, but after looking threw pics of these cars in Japan, some new colours work.

I am not keen on painting the original green that is in the engine bay, and the current green on all the panels looks good but Im not a fan of green, considering a light gun metal gray, with dark gun metal grille and tail light garnish.

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