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  1. Thanks so much. I will finally be able to get this finished. The FelPro set I obtained didn't have instructions in it. (Perhaps they were removed?) Oh well. Unfortunately I don't have the book you mentioned, I will look into getting a copy. Thanks again! :classic:
  2. 1978 280z L28 Ok I tried searching for this and couldn't find anything so far. Can anyone tell me which way the side seals go in on the rear main cap? When I say which way, I mean they are not perfectly square. One side is, the other has two "lips" on it so that when viewed from above, it looks rather like a lazy 'C'. I assume this side would go toward the block, but can anyone tell me? I've also got two small metal strips that came with my Felpro kit. Are these to push the seals in? Or are they installed with the seals? Any help would be appreciated. The FSM says jack about it except to install the side seals using some sealant. Thanks! Aaron
  3. Hello there. I just got a 78 280z last year and am rebuilding the engine. Nice to meet you!
  4. Hi Mike

    Like the car

    I have a 78 just like it (except not so pristine)


  5. So that might explain why I don't have heat when I turn the blower motor on? I noticed that there seems to be a "check valve" on the bottom. Is there a diagram that shows how the vacuum is routed to this? - oops nevermind found it at AC-6 in FSM. -Aaron
  6. As always, Stephen knows everything! :laugh: Thanks man! BTW, would these magnet valves not being hooked up to vacuum cause any problem with engine performance? Currently the a/c compressor is not even belted - ? --Aaron
  7. Thanks so much for all the tips! This site ROCKS! Well, I guess first step is prepping the garage for the mess the aircraft stripper is going to make... I'll post some pics so everyone can see He he -aaron
  8. Ok check this out: I found a couple things on my '78 280z which I have no idea what they are. I know, I know, I probably haven't read the FSM all the way through - but hey-- being the lazy guy I am, I thought I'd avail myself to everyone's help on the forum. Does anyone know what these things are? First pic shows the fusible links - but what are those vacuum-solenoid looking things to the left of them? And why aren't they hooked up!!! The other pic shows the ignition coil. Is this some sort of capacitor? If so, should it be plugged in to something? If yes, to what? Thanks for all the help! -Aaron
  9. I think this is all covered in the owner's manual. Let me know and I can send you the .pdf or download it from .... um I can't remember the site! -Aaron
  10. Thanks, Zak. Yep, sound's like I've got some work to do! As I was already prepared to overhaul the engine, I guess the first step would be to pull the dang thing out. My wife isn't going to like not having a garage for her Lincoln but oh well I'll let you guys know how bad it is once I start sanding. Thanks again. -Aaron
  11. What is the danger of taking this long to prep? I know that there some threads that said that prepping should be done immediately prior to painting or rust can start. Since 280z's have such a tendency to rust anyway, should I just wait until I can get the whole sanding/priming done in a weekend? Or is this even possible? :cross-eye Thanks so much for the tips everyone! I will have to think this through some more. Perhaps I will have to stick to the factory 510 color after all. :devious:
  12. Ok so not to sound TOO stupid but I'm starting to fix up my '78 280z that I bought for close to nothing, I might add-- and although the body is in halfway decent shape, there are a few little spots in the hood where the PO just painted over. I'm not planning on going back to the stock color #510 which is like light blue i think... currently car is like teal or something PO was on CRACK so I'm looking at like a midnight blue or something My question is this: What is the best way to prep this car for repainting? Current paint is finished although not glossy - looks like PO kryloned it on. Do i need to get a sanding block/air sander and just go to town on the thing? also, what would be the best way to smooth out the rough spots? Putty? Any help would be appreciated. I'll try to post some pics later. Aaron
  13. Ah - so then i'd have to replace the antenna unit if I wanted it to function automatically with my new stereo, more than likely. Actually, If the new stereo simply provides a low current signal through the blue wire, I could just set up a relay system somehow....
  14. Hey Stephen, could you possibly explain how you set your antenna up again - My brain isn't working tonight and i'm looking at the FSM. It looks like the antenna motor is just a reversible motor - switch polarity and it goes up/down. Could you provide wiring schematics or let me know what color wires you spliced/replaced? I'm looking at removing the antenna switch altogether. Thanks! P.S. I appreciate all your threads! -Aaron newly acquired '78 280z L28
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