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  1. *BUMP* My car is still doing this, so i'm considering getting a new starter; or at least removing it and inspecting the starter + flywheel. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I will look into this. I still have a 3 cans of my original car paint left so this is a definite upgrade possibility.
  3. Mine says this as well...Something like 170hp @ 5300 RPM or something.
  4. What is the average price of an airdam/spook ... and who sells them? Thanks! Appreciate the advice guys.
  5. I was driving on the expressway the passed few days, and noticed when I hit about 70 - 80mph, my car will rattle a little a bit. Is this caused by the aerodynamics of the front of the car/bumper? I read this on the Wikipedia Nissan S30 page: "For instance, simply removing the heavy front bumper and adding a front spoiler corrects the otherwise jittery high-speed handling of the stock version." How true is this statement?
  6. RIP Paul Newman: a true humanitarian.
  7. No floor pan. What is this, a Flintstones car?
  8. I meant the megaphone ones that geezer posted...
  9. Example of Photo ran through PS. The colors are more vivid.
  10. I was actually unimpressed with the quality of these photos. I think they came out real hazy because it was 90 degrees out and bright as hell. It's a Canon Elph Powershot SD450. I've got a Sony digital DSC-150 (something like that) although I haven't been able to find my charger. That one takes some pretty killer photos.
  11. Well, I've always figured that car companies will produce/manufacture cars prior to the year they are released and "modeled" for. For instance: a 2008 Ford Expedition would be manufactured in mid-to-late 2007. Everything on my Z indicates that it was made in 1975 (albeit late 1975) so I naturally assumed it's a '75 Z. I would also assume yours is as well. It is also likely of course that Nissan was pumping out 1976 models in November of 1975...How to tell for sure? Who knows. Also, we have to keep in mind these are Japanese cars; so I'm not entirely sure we can trust that the state of Florida or Pennsylvania knows exactly what their talking about, regarding these Z's.
  12. Ah ok, well - currently there is no radio installed in the car; but I will most likely be going with a cd player (something newer than old stock am/fm).
  13. I assumed my car was a 75, considering the production date. Is it a 1976, considering when it was made (late 75)?
  14. Thanks for all the info guys, but I need a little clarification: What's a head unit? And is this an install I can do myself? (seems simple enough)...
  15. Where? All I see on ebay is $180+ ? Besides, the power antenna isn't something I feel the NEED to keep stock; especially since I don't even have one now. I just want something that fits/works.
  16. Stephen, does this look like it might work? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/POWER-ANTENNA-Nissan-300ZX-240SX-Altima-280ZX-200SX_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ72Q3a1205Q7c39Q3a1Q7c66Q3a2Q7c65Q3a12Q7c240Q3a1318QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem360090959699QQitemZ360090959699 Says they can be used on a few various datsun models: 300zx's/280zx - so I figure maybe this might work on the 280. Thanks!
  17. check out www.hybridz.org end of line.
  18. Can any other electric antenna be used in my 1975 280z? The stock Datsun electric antenna are upwards of 200 dollars! There are numerous other types of electric antennas on ebay, has anyone had any success using another brand/model in their 240/260/280? Thanks!
  19. Figured I'd post the photos I took today of the 280z - Photos taken at the historic Biltmore Hotel - Coral Gables, FL. The rest are here... http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a369/mikewags/280z%20Biltmore/
  20. I had this one on my car. Brown leather 5 spd shifter knob, but I decided to put my old one back on and sell this on ebay. Hey Wingzro: whats the shifter knob you have? I found this under the passenger seat when I gutted the car to do the carpet.
  21. mikewags

    Twice Pipes

    I haven't bought anything yet, i'm actually still deciding whether or not it's worth getting into. Headers + Twice Pipes + Exhaust work = 400 - 500$. Stephen, I appreciate your opinion on the subject. I'm aware that you think the dual exhaust setup is a complete waste of time and money; especially for the straight 6; but I'm curious why I have had several people telling me that the performance/sound gain would be worth doing this. Are these people full of it, or just don't know what they are talking about? Ideally, someone here that has a dual/twice pipe setup can give me some feedback on any performance gains/general review of doing this. I'm not about doing the dual exhaust, if it's just going to make a "sweeter sound" - To me that doesn't justify removing stock components/spending the money to get this done. Thanks!
  22. mikewags

    Twice Pipes

    What should I know about 3 to 2 header/twice pipes installation? Would I be better off taking this setup to my muffler guy, or doing this myself. I don't want to take on something that has been known to be a b*tch, and get stuck or caught up in a long drawn out exhaust overhaul. Thanks guys!
  23. I can't imagine running a car with a blown head without getting it machined (fixed) - You can get the head done for relatively cheap at a machine shop; I would imagine 100 - 150$.
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