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  1. There is a blue car its my parts car for the modified one. but it is complete and could be a great car on its own and they are to rare just to cut up. I have had a lot of stuff happen in my life this week and promise I will get back to those who have contacted me but I am going away next week and will get back to you all in a few weeks with an update and more pics. Thanks all.
  2. Hey all. I have 2 240k sedans for sale. One is in a million bits but I have them all it is heavily modified with r32 GTR rear end fitted. None of the work is completely finished but the hard stuff is done, the engine bay has all been welded up and smoothed but would need sandblasting again as does the car. I have cut the rear arches out for GTR kit again a lot of the work has been done but it is not finished. There is another 240k sedan to go with it. Really good car that is complete but some numpty sat a car on the roof. The dents could be easily pushed out with little fuss, i could be a good car itself or spares for the other project. Look there are heaps of details best if you just call. Zero418 327 42Seven Dan.
  3. Any progress on this noodle?
  4. Unreal mate well done. So when id the production run???haha
  5. Awesome work man. Congrats!!! So what were you account details to place an order???hahah Looking forward to seeing them in the garnish!!! Great work!!!
  6. ohhh Im on the edge of my seat!
  7. Ah very good stuff. Thanks for putting in on this Nigel. Cant wait to see some red!!!
  8. I think alot of orders will be going in once you are happy with the products? I hope your ready for that??haha well done sir, watching with intense interest, good on you for having a go!!! Dan
  9. he is talking about the tailight lense the bits that are made of injected plastic in a dyed color ie red for brake lights, we all would be very interested in these parts!!!
  10. I will take 2 if I have to but prefere to get some others on board, what about Kid K send him a PM, lets make it happen!!!
  11. YOu have PM. Get on board guys lets make this one happen not just talk.??
  12. rear bumper and taillight valance are not interchangable, also the trim associated arent either.
  13. Just thought I would throw a few pics up of a 240k wagon in Japan that a friend of mine bid on. Its Cool as ice, would be awesome to see one here.
  14. Bonnets still happening any progress???
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