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WTB: FairladyZ/240Z Headlight covers


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The last time I checked, you could still get these from ZeddFindings. You might also check with Midwest Z and see if Chloe can source them as well.

I got mine from www.nismoparts.com a little over a year ago for about 129.00 each... but haven't kept up with the going prices since...

Sometimes people on Ebay "stretch the truth" just a bit to inflate their prices.....so double check with all the Z parts supplier before you pay that much. Kinda like the set of restored Libre wheels I saw this morning with a $1600 Buy It Now or the complete "rare" 72 intake and carbs they are asking 250 bucks for....

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I have been looking for those headlight covers for some time. They are available - brand new - from Datsun Freeway in Japan for around $500 + tax + shipping. They understand an English e-mail. To the best of my knowledge, Zedd does not have them nor does Chloe nor does anyone. Kats sent me a link to a Japanese Yahoo auction for used ones some time ago. I recall they sold for around $200 in Japan. I am satisfied that the Ebay auction is legit and this is a piece you will see only on the EXPENSIVE pages. An FRP headlight scoop is required or else big holes will be required in the metal scoops to install them correctly. I have seen several used sets around and I suspect they will become available on Ebay in the future.

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