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datsun/ nissan 240z/240sx CHECK THIS OUT!!!


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just wondering how they got there headlights to go blue like that. I think my Z would look good like that.

It's funny how you guys know this car as a 240sx here in australia it's a 180sx.

Fitted with both a CA18DET and SR20DET in later models :)

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Because of the roundness of the tail section, it almost looks bent and the back. The black glass section probably doesn't help with that, but it's OK.. I wouldn't turn it down, unless it's still got the 4cyl from the 180 in it.

It's essentially a sil80 or in this case zed80, zee80.. I hope it's got a good RB series straight 6 under that hood.

Also, Gav, I'm guessing it's just Arctic Blue headlight bulbs and the blueness coming through is just refracting through the lens.

It could look better with a few slight alterations


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I was just thinking that it would look good on the S13 convertible too....if you can find one that isn't an automatic that is.....wonder if they are going to import it? With the number of S13's you see on Ebay that already have the SR20DET conversion done, they could sell quite a few.

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Gav, teh PS13 was fitted with a 2.4 litre engine in the US market, thats why they call it the 240SX.. in case you didn't know. Those are probably just halogen or xenon bulbs like michael said

2ManyZ's, S13's from 1990 (i think) got an SR20DE or SR20DET as standard...

About the kit I think its great! :D

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Originally posted by Alfadog

2ManyZ's, S13's from 1990 (i think) got an SR20DE or SR20DET as standard. About the kit I think its great! :D

Meanwhile, We got truck motor, long stroke KA24's.

I like the kit! Not a Slieghty, a Zatey, in our case, a 240ZSX? Zorty? SXZ (pronounced sexy)? < if I had one, it would be a SXZ! Woo Hooo! I already know a car ready for this conversion I could get for a song!

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I'll give the Skyline splice a go, I'll have to find some images in my pile of them so give me some time.

But I fear it shall look most disgusting, as much as I love the Skylines, chopping and changing isn't on the cards, the classic ones that is.

The Z has a classic somewhat timeless look, hence why it doesn't tend to look out of place on the 180SX rear end. Although each Skyline is pretty decent to look at in it's own right, it isn't really a candidate for front cuts and other such things.

I agree, my version doesn't quite look Z enough, and you're right, it must have been a bit subconscious, I was comparing to images of Z's mostly front 3qtr which could also help explain, but my K must have taken over :classic: , the window section on yours looks better and due to it's extra length removes the need to place a rear bumper extension, thus keeping a more classic Z look.

However, having said that, I much prefer the slight edge I took of the headlight surround, It's much too harsh a cut to match the smooth lines of the SX rear end and besides, I have to claim some small victory in my 5minutes of photoshopping. :D

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Funny thing about both those pics, is how much it reminds me of the Ferrari Maranello in a side shot.. and probably more than one Ferrari at that...

It's kinda funny how many people put body kits on a Z to change it's looks, yet this is probably the first time anyone has ever made a kit to make another car look like a Z....:ermm:

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yes it is 3000 usd, i just converted it

1989-1990 180sx's and silvia k's got ca18det, the q's got ca18de

1991-1993 180sx's and silvia k's got sr20det, the q's got sr20de

1994-1998 180sx type x got the sr20det blacktop only

1995-1998 silvias got the blacktop sr20det with a hump on the fornt of the valve cover

1999+ silvias also got the blacktop with the hump in the middle, but also had the newer vvt and more horsepower and a 6 speed

i like the conversion, i think the rear would look good with the 180sx "kouki" type x tailights shown here


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