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How about this car??


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At a glance the reserve price of $5000 seems to be much too high. They are listing 88250 miles but this could be 188250 or even 288250, it's hard to tell (my odmeter reads 59000 but I'm quite sure that it's over 100000). This car is not even a series I 240Z. Mine is a series I, needs some work but only cost $1500.

He also has it listed with power steering and power breaks...not unless someone has done some modifications to the car it doesn't have these things.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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The biggest problem with judging a cars condition from a photo is that you can only see what the owner wants you to see....

Notice there are no close up photo's of common rust areas or the dash pad! Even the picture of the engine bay does not show the battery area or firewall in sufficient detail. I can't comment on the price but it is fair to say that the car will still need some work, it all depends on how much (or how little) you want to do and spend...

P.S. It looks like somebody put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car:stupid:

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>>>>photo's of common rust areas <<<<

What do you mean!?!?! The seller very clearly stated, "...rust free car." So there you have it. There couldn't POSSIBLY be ANY rust on this car. Everyone knows cars kept in SF do not rust!

steve(too far away to go look at it)77

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If I had a dollar for every time a seller has assured me that his car was free of rust, only to find that the car in question was as full of it as it's owner I would have at least ten dollars...

Seriously it is a sad fact of life that some sellers (not all) take generous liberties with the truth (they tell big fat smelly lies). The car may be rust free but you would be well advised in having an open mind about the accuarcy of a sellers claims....

(there is still the problem of the car having a steering wheel where the glove compartment should be).... ROFL

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There could be rust in the battery area. The seats are stock(not leather). The hatch window has the early verticle defroster lines.

no way power steering. He randomly checked the boxes. I turned 67000 orig. mile today. If that has orig. paint, 88000 mi is plausible.

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