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what do you think of this car?


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I've looked at that auction a couple times... looks very nice.

Only things I can pick out off the bat are that someone went and cut holes for speakers in some really nice door panels, the rusty center caps on the wheels(can't tell, but it looks like one missing on the passengers side) and the missing emblems on the hatch.

Although it doesn't show under the hood, it's got the A/C pod on the console, so I'm wondering if that still works.

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he sent me an e-mail and said the ac works..can you get decent replacement door panels? He also says no RUST but I would not buy unless it was inspected. what do you think this car is worth if it is in the condition he says??



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Door panels are available, as are all the plastic panels, and the vinyl as well. There are a couple different suppliers that you can use for them if you do buy it.

If he could send you pics of the underside, such as the frame rails and floors, and maybe inside the front inner fenders so you can see under the battery tray and the like. I'd say the car could be worth 5-7K.... maybe more. It's really hard to put a firm price on the car, because it's hard to judge what someone might be willing to pay for it. Of course, what it's worth in CA could be a lot less than what it might be worth on the east coast, since the number of rust free cars out there is so much higher than it is here.

By the pics, it's worth quite a bit more than the average Z you see on Ebay.

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