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Alternative for Door Panel Attachment Clips


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Those clips that push into the doors and hook onto the door planels should go. Well, most of the slots on my door panels are broken from whoever worked on the car before.

So, I had the idea of some kind of threaded insert that would go in the hole so you can use some decorative SCREWS to attach the door panels, and whatever other panels, like the ones behind the seats (speaker panels), and maybe even some of the plastic parts.

Maybe something like a 10mm diameter pop-rivet with a threaded shank?


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I repaired mine the easier and unnoticeable way . . .

1. Bought some fiberboard (same type as the door panels) from Home Depot;

2. Cut the fiberboard into 2½" squares;

3. Bored wholes through the centers of the squares (just large enough to slide and insert the door panel clips);

4. Glued the squares directly on top of the back of the door panels (where the original clip inserts were cracked) with Elmer's Glue;

5. Waited 24 hours, inserted the door panel clips, and reinstalled the door panels.

Whalla! Perfect fit and no ugly screws to look at -- just like factory! :D

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I thought of repairing the panels. The material you susgested should be as good or better than original, but I think it would look better with the proper screws. I was even thinking of losing all that vinyl for alminum panels- hence the screws.

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