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  1. Motorsport Auto, Black Dragon Automotive (formerly Victoria British), and Courtesy Nissan are the companies that I have been buying from for years for my 73-86 Z parts. What specific parts are you wanting and not able to find, and for what year model of Z?
  2. Check the O2 sensor. How old are the plugs and wires? How old are the FIs?
  3. Which comments lead you to questioning your judgment, Blakt? I totally agree with Carl. Exhaust fumes are likely to seep through the rear cargo area, even if you think your seals are sound. Good call, Carl.
  4. Great idea, Marty! I have several spare parts and some I no longer have a use for after downsizing my Z collection, but these are the only ones I could locate at the moment (they’re free – just pay shipping*): 240Z Dome Light Assembly w/Lens – came out of a 73 model; don’t know if it works; lens has yellowed and deteriorated, but there’s no breakage; metal frame holding lens on has no rust 240Z Dome Light Lens – this fits the assembly above; it’s in great shape (no yellowing or signs of deterioration), but does have several small surface scratches which aren’t that noticeable if you keep it clean, as dirt imbeds in the scratches 240Z Analog Clock – Jeco brand; came out of a 73 model; # 3062J on back; don’t know if it works My other parts are in my storage unit and it won't be anytime soon that I will be able to go through it and sort through things. So, that's all I have to offer for now. *I reserve the right to deny my free parts based on a member’s join date, post count, or negative feedback. Shipping charges must be paid in advance.
  5. WOW! Gorgeous car and I love it that you gave so much attention to every single detail. Seeing how much money you have invested in her doesn’t make me feel so bad anymore for having $32K in one of mine … and that is with me having done most of the work. I’m in the process of finally restoring my Z31 Turbo, but he is on a strict budget and staying completely stock, with the exception of a new stereo system and a couple of other minor upgrades. I look forward to seeing more pix of your baby.
  6. “Japanese market. On the home market, the Z31 also came with a 2.0 liter motor. The 200Z, 200ZG, and 200ZS used the VG20ET motor while the 200ZR had the RB20DET. The only factory Z31 variant to use the VG30DE engine is the 300ZR. The Japanese 300ZX Turbo makes the same 200 hp (149 kW) as the USDM VG30ET, outperforming the 2.0 liter Z31s as their engines only made 170-180 hp…” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_300ZX#cite_note-Long-3 Yes, it would be nice to see a pic. of his car, so we can identify which model it relates to the closest, as it does not appear the 200Z was manufactured in 1978.
  7. Tech9, have you double-checked those U-joints to make sure they aren't lose? I had the same symptoms in one of my Zs, and that was the problem.
  8. Have you contacted Courtesy Nissan? They sell numerous parts for the older Zs, so I cannot imagine that they would turn you down. If you were rejected, speak to a manager there and tell him the situation.
  9. Welcome, Philbar! And, yes, I agree with Zhead - we love pictures. May we please see some of your 4-wheeled pride and joy, Philbar?
  10. Ditto to what Back-to-Zcars posted. I also checked with BA, MSA, and CN to see if they had different stock numbers for the 1972 ashtrays, but to no avail. You might try looking at a parts list.
  11. You do know that? Actually, I called 1-800-NISSAN1 just last week to obtain additional info. on one of my Zs. They had to pull the records from their archives, but called me the following day and provided me with the info. they had, as well as the name and phone number of the dealer who originally sold my car. A few years ago, I was able to obtain info. from Nissan on my 1973 240Zs too. It took them a few extra days to get the records from their archives, but they did have it.
  12. It would be a good idea to replace that undercoating that you removed, or it will likely develop into a rust issue later on.
  13. Oh how adorable – both little boys! Gosh, I wish my dad knew how to work on cars. Seems like every time I go visit him, he has bought another part for me to install on his wife’s Honda. Hey, wait a minute … where’d you get that MSA printed catalog? I recently asked for one and they sent me a catalog on CD. So much for good reading material in the water closet. :disappoin
  14. Since your overflow tank stays at the same level, it appears that the coolant is not flowing back into the radiator. Therefore, I would replace the thermostat (only a Nismo – no aftermarket brand). Also make sure your radiator is free of any debris, as this can cause the car to overheat. One more thing, does the overheating occur at all times or just when idling? Does the temperature gauge go down at all when traveling or when the heater is turned on?
  15. Are you inferring that your emblems are worth saving? Most of us who have broken emblem pins, the emblems themselves have deteriorated on the exterior as well, to the point that they're not worth saving. If your emblems are worth saving, then you could use a thin double-sided tape to secure it to your car. If you need to remove it later, take a plastic kitchen spatula and carefully slide it underneath the emblem. If there is any tape left on the paint, you can rub it off with your fingers. I've done this before. I have also removed double-sided tape from sheetrock using this method, with no damage to the wall. The key is being patient and very careful.
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