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heres some pics of the toyota brake upgrade i sell


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the price for that kit is 275 + shipping

for the stock rotor 126.00

i gave up on trying to find a reliable source for the spacers.

ive seen many people sell them on ebay, and jskinnovations.com he makes and sells them as well.

rotors are new bendix rotors, brakes are new remans with bendix semi-mettalic brakes

all hardware is included with the calipers.

what will you need to make this work

for the stock rotor conversion, removing and or cutting the dust sheild, making a new hard line to the caliper or bending your existing one.

for the 300ZX vented upgrade, .5 inch spacer, longers bolts to bold it up and the same as the above.

hows that mr 2manyZ's


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The spacer dimensions I found on another site were

0.699" thick

6.102" outer diameter

3.189" inner diameter

with 4 holes equidistant from the center at 2.0311" all around, then I have 0.4134" listed as the hole diameter. I'm not sure on that hole diameter, I might have just arbitrarily put it in (while making this cad drawing I am referring to, made it a month or so ago) since I can't find that number now, but I assume it should just fit snugly around the studs it goes over.

Hope that is useful info for someone

I'm not in the market right now, but when I get to buying some 15" panasports I will probably upgrade to the vented rotors myself. (maybe next year :classic: )

I thought about making some spacers and selling them for like 15 bucks a piece (mostly for practice making a part from a schematic, etc) since I found a cheap place for the 6.25" aluminum barstock (ebay strangely enough), but I couldn't come up with a good way to cut off the piece without wasting a lot of metal with my equipment. I would have to buy a lot of extra hardware to go with the machinery and it just turned out to be more trouble than its worth considering it would only take a minute or so by a CNC. Still not worth $80 though IMHO!

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