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Why Nissan Fairlady Z


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I have purchased a car lately, im curious as to why its a

1980 Nissan Fairlady Z, Import Car Of The Year, Special Edition.

(I actually purchased to of them, but the other one is just a standard 280zx) sorry for posting in a Z website, but i thought since one is a Fairlady Z's you mite forgive me



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Maybe its a Fairlady because it was born that way. If its badged as a "Fairlady Z" that is because it was probably originally made for the Japanese domestic market.

If you check out your VIN number ( the full number - including the prefix ) you will be able to get pretty close to identifying what exact model it is:

*FAIRLADY Z ( S130S ) - L20E engine

*FAIRLADY Z-L ( S130 ) - L20E engine

*FAIRLADY Z-T ( S130J ) - L20E engine

*FAIRLADY Z 2 by 2 ( GS130S ) - L20E engine

*FAIRLADY Z-L 2 by 2 ( GS130 ) - L20E engine

*FAIRLADY Z-T 2 by 2 ( GS130J ) - L20E engine

*FAIRLADY 280Z-L ( HS130 ) - L28E engine

*FAIRLADY 280Z-T ( HS130J - BC ) - L28E engine

*FAIRLADY 280Z-L 2 by 2 ( HGS130 ) - L28E engine

*FAIRLADY 280Z-T 2 by 2 ( HGS130J - BC ) - L28E engine

I'm curious as to why you stated "Import Car Of The Year" - is that on a sticker or emblem attached to the car? Seeing as the Fairladies were not imports, I'm wondering whether this was attached later ( and not at the Factory or the original dealership that sold the car ).

Also - where are you? Its helpful to know this - or is it a secret?

There are many people who have posted to this site asking the same question as you. In fact, there was a question just a couple of days ago that is still an active thread. If you type "Fairlady" into the SEARCH function, you will get LOTS of hits.

It IS a Z.:classic:

Alan T.

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well i am in Newzealand and there is a plaque on the center console that states that is import car of the year, special edition, taking into account that we get all the jap cars, then maybe its of the Jap market, thanks alot , any other help would be appreciated, are the specs the same, etc?

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Hi welcome. I hope you find what you want on this site, there are a large number of people who know a lot about the classic Z and information in all things Z. What you have here is a site full of like minded people.

For anyone to assist with issues about your Z It is important to identify what you have. Can you look in the engine bay for a manufacturers data plate. On the data plate you will find similar prefix to those related by HS30H. So the information brakes down to chassis number and an engine number, these two items if complete with prefix letters will instantly identify your Z.

I think you can probably get answers to any of your questions once we all know what we are looking at.

hope this helps you



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Just to let it be known, we do/did NOT get "ALL" Jap cars in NZ and my bet, CZCar is that you have two 280ZX's. to find out, open the bonnet and look for the VIN number or Engine Plate, infact, you're in NZ, the VIN should be on your Ownership Papers on the top right hand corner.

I wish we got all the different Jap cars.:love:

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yeah sorry, i realise we dont get all jap cars but australia and us get a few more than USA , excellent, umm the Vin is


can you tell me anything from that?

ill get da engine number tomorow, there is a plaque sayin "Import Car of the Year, SPecial Edition" well thanks


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My fender mount mirror positioning dimensions in the above file attachment only apply to an S30-series Z.

Since this thread concerns an S130 series Z, its worth pointing out that they are NOT the same................

Alan T.

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Hey there Alan,

Just curious as to whether you know if there's a similar difference in positioning with the C110 fender mirrors as there is with the S30 mirrors as in your image. I should be getting some soon if all is going well, I was supposed to get them when I got the car but they were hidden away somewhere apparently the PO of the car who had it before the PO I got it off, had them removed. Strange.

Anyway if you could help I'd be very appreciative, I may even be inclined to say thank-you. :) I had a quick peek under the fenders but found no evidence of a previous positioning so I'm really hoping they are actually fender mirrors as the PO claimed.

And as far as 280ZX fender mirrors go, they look more like the ones that were on my brother's old car, which I recently just posted images of. You can find them here;

Fender Mirrors Front 3qtr

Fender Mirrors Head on

They were electric too, only problem was they vibrated a little which made viewing a little difficult at times. Still, I much prefer fender mirrors to door mirrors.

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  • 7 years later...

I am located here in the United States and have recently acquired a right hand drive model :-D They are a very unique and rare find over here in the states. Mine was imported from Japan by a U.S. Marine. I too have the little plaque on my center console that mentions the Car of the Year! This is my fourth 280ZX, and I plan on completely tearing it apart soon and customizing it to my liking.


p.s anyone happen to have a dash cover for sale that would fit my right hand drive dash board???

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Hey Philip I too just aquired a 79 Fairlady Z 2+2 Mine is all original. Mine too was a military man who brought it over. I have been watching this forum for years as I had a 72 240 for 13 years but finally just joined. I always wanted a Fairlady. I am in AZ so we may need to chat.

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