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turbo charged L24?


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im looking for some more power in my 72 240z. the V8 came to mind...but i really love the way the original engine runs, it just sounds sweet. two thoughts came to mind, either buying oversized pistons or turbocharging it. i know the turbo would give my way more power but at what cost? would this fry the engine soon? and what kind of modifications would be necessary, besides the turbo kit itself?

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You could put a 1983 280zx turbo engine in it (L28ET or something). It just bolts on (like all the engines from 1970 to 1983).

The engine is only about 180hp standard but with a few cheap modifications it could easily pump out 300hp to 375hp with heaps more torque than the L24, it would weight less than the V8 as well.

I'm planning on doing this my self soon (looking at a 280zx this weekend).

Here are a couple web sites that have more info:





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