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240z RB26 Gnose.


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I realise alot of us Aussie's will know of this car or have read this article but I think alot of other people will enjoy reading about this car.

I have never met the owner but would like to one day just seen him driving on the street when I was in my 260z :).

It's a very nice car Enjoy.


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That is one nice Z. Out here in the states I have never seen a conversion like that. I am sure they exist though.

Many of the Z's that have rb's that I have read about are usually in Australia. Does anyone know why this is? Are there that many Skylines there to support these engines. Anyways, beautiful car. I too would love to see it while I am in my 260. Hehehehe.


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Yeah there are alot of Skylines here in Aus too many infact.

I think this is mainly because of the taxes involved in new cars in Japan and the fact that Australia is right hand drive just as Japan means they can export them here and to be honest there is a big market for them.

Second hand imports are everywhere in Australia :).

I no longer have that 260z either :), I now of course own a 240z there the best ;).

RB engines are pretty well priced with the exception of the Rb26 which is still expensive.

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Sinisha's 240Z was featured in issue #1 (or was is #2?) of Zoom magazine when it had its 350+HP L28 turbo in it.

That was a few years ago now!

Australia has a plentiful supply of import Japanese cars & componentry. The last Skyline that was sold in Australia was the R32 GT-R (at $110,000AUD). And before that we had the R31 series ('86-'89), and there are thousands of them on the road (a bloody reliable & good car - even now). Nissan specially developed the RB30E(T) motor for Australia & it was never sold anywhere else - the R31 series came with the RB20(D)E(T) in Japan & NZ. Though it's a pity we didn't get the Turbo HR31 coupe's or pillarless 4-doors here....

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Express publications I think.

I was set on putting an RB25 into one of my Z's but costs and effort led me to highlyworked L28 NA plan. One day i went down to have a chat a Speed Technology and Sinisha's car was sitting there in the workshop and Steve gave me a quick look. Instantly my RB plans were back on the table but then the cost and effort worked its way back into the equation so I met it halfway with an L28ET.

My suspension I beleive is similar to whats used in that car.

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