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Very Pretty :)

I have to admit that this site has me thinking of working in the engine compartment myself. Mine looks like hell but it runs great. I guess that I just hope no one ever asks me to "open the hood" :)

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Hi, thanks for the compliment. More pics to follow. It is an L24 from 71. The carbs are the same vintage. The vin # is HLS30-19856. The car had a vibration and a small amount of wobble at 60 mph. A different driveshaft and recent wheel balancing has the car floating over the road. It almost has too much reaction when the steering is touched.

After the engine went back in, the open header was LOUD. My neighbor said, "THAT THING GOT A HEMI?". It has a real nice low rpm rumble like a big block. But ,alas, I muffled it at a local shop with a 22" resonator right off the header and a 15" resonator at the bumper. It sounds great and I can actually start it in the garage without scaring all the pets. Now I just have to get it cleaned up for the Nationals in N.H. Is anyone here going to make the trip?

P.S. The horse in the pic is ZZZZZZZZ - ing.

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zztom,,,Great job you have done on your engine!!

Only suggestion I could offer is to get some color (e.g. block,ect).

depending on your engine compartment color.

Are you also detailing the engine compartment while the engine is out?

Convention is getting close, tick, tick, tick................................

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