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Great Idea, James. Another site that I frequent has this, but unless this map has different parameters than the one supplied by BraveNet on the other site I know about, the map will only allow 100 people to post locations. After that, each person who adds their location will cause one of the previous posters to be deleted. We have 3 maps now for the unauthorized Miller Lite VRL site that I frequent.

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maybe others could sign up and we could get enough maps or one person, hehe, could pay LOL

worse thing is i cant afford the little bit of cash that they want LOL

its only 9.95 a month, and you get to put a 1000 entries. i wonder if our glorious leader could come up with and or make something like this so it could be a permanent part of the site

i think that would be a really great thing to have here

any ideas on that anyone??

one other note GAVIN i FINALLY got to see your site.

looking good and so is the car:love:

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ive figured that if anyone could make something like that better you could and well you have the base template to work from.

i think it would be great:classic:

the thing with this module from bravenet is like you siad its limited but it is a good starting point.

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Don't worry, Alfapuppy, we'll let you count the one in your avatar!


Yes Carl, I agree. We'll be nice to Alfapuppy.

Good thing he didn't call himself "AlfaCAT" huh ???.

If the suggestion by James comes to pass, I'll definately have to upgrade my scanner skills.


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well i know that i am late, but here goes. i live in winnipeg manitoba canada. i have a 71 240z, and a 83 turbozx, that i will use for switching motors. i install ceramic tile and i am now making enough money to be able to put money into a car that i have loved for a long time.

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but on a good note its nice to see that there are so many Z lovers and owners all over the world, from the usa, to australia to new zealand and even norway!!

the one thing thats even better then that is that all of us gather her at the Classic Zcar Club :love:

one other thing ive noticed since being here from long ago when i used to always be at that other site is actually a feel of freindship.

no one flaming or ragging anyone for what they want to do or how they want to have theyre car.

just a group of people from around the world gathering in one place, to rejoice and talk about the one love that they all have for the Datsun Z car.:classic:

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Originally posted by Alfadog

im edumacated.. like a fox !!!

Did you get learned good at school? :)

I agree with Zmefly I love this site because everyone helps each other out and I feel like I know some of these people without even meeting them.

Although sometimes I think I spend too much time on the forums LOL .

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Originally posted by Mike

Guy, I don't see a Post button.. Are you clicking on New Reply?


He's referring to the "Post" button on the Bravenet MAP page. He's trying to post his location onto the map that James set up through Bravenet, not a POST button on Classic Z Cars.

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