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79 280zx windshield trim removal


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19 hours ago, mayolives said:

My 79 is a non t bar.

Psst ..😉 I had 2! with t-bar and now i have one without.. Don't tell anyone but.. the non t-bar car is much better.. they don't nearly flex as much..   Also the t-bar needs much more new windscreens as they brake in the middle from top to bottom.. i wonder why?  ( Answer:from flexing to much! 🙊)

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9 hours ago, dutchzcarguy said:

Yes.. sorry @Zed Head I'm a bit lazy these days.. don't read it all..  most important is he nows now what to do.. i hope.. 🙊

I removed my wipers and the trim today.  The side trim does have two screws located under the door weatherstrip.  After removing the screws I was able to wiggle the trim loose from the trim above the door.  There were no plastic clips present holding the trim in place.  No sign of adhesive either.  Perhaps this is why the bottom trim was never held in place very well and my top piece just flew off one day after a drive.  I will take my glass man's advice when he arrives to determine the best way to keep the top and bottom trim in place.  I do new upper and lower strips and a small rubber seal for the permiter of the glass. I'll post my resulting experience after the job has been completed. 


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For as far i can remember you have to take out all the rubber and chrome parts out of the door opening as you need to start the restore of the windscreen at the bottom and work your way up and to the back.. You can't leave the chromerail above the door in place.. you have to work from the front to the back.. i believe i have something like that explaint in my 280zx slick roof restoration.. (As i don't have the t-bar car, The chrome went from under the windscreen till the c-style of my car!  It's all fitted in one direction.)

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