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Need hatch strut (single style) for 8/71 240Z


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I am tired of my hatch droping on my head. Where can I find a replacement strut. I have tried Victoria British and more other places than I can remember. My car is a 8/71 240Z with the single large strut on the drivers side.

Any leads would be appreciated. I've already implemented the jack handle or various other temporary solutions.



'71 240Z series II

Orangevale, CA

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I remember the hatch on the head syndrome. That wasn't fun. I managed to find a spot at the very top of my strut where it would stick in the open position. Only problem was when someone nudged the car just right.... the hatch would SLAM down on my head!!

When I was looking for a replacement, the only option I found was through Nissan. If I remember right, the thing was expensive!! Something around $80?! I might need to be corrected on that price.


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You might try going to a salvage yard and finding one there. Most of the yards around here will take $5-10 for one (depending on the yard). I usually see about 50% of the struts on junkers still hold.

It's worth a shot, plus you can get an idea of what's available for other things on your car.

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Hi All,

I'm a new member who just started restoration on a '71 240Z that I have had since January 1976 (my 2nd car). I've been reading all I can from people and groups like this and there appears to be a wealth of information and enthusiasm for these great cars.

Anyway, I have the same problem with my strut (currently held up with a correctly machined 2x4!) and was wondering if anyone knows if this strut is rebuildable?

Thanks and I look forward learning from you all. My MSA catalog is already on the way and I have the Victoria British catalog.


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As far as I know there is no way to rebuild the hatch strut. I have never seen anyone who advertised that they do it anyway. Sounds like something a person could go into business doing though...... Just like making repro front inner fenders, the arch at the top from the firewall out, and the radiator core support. A lot of Z's wouldn't have gone to the scrap yard if these were available. Hmmmm.......

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Yes, the ones from MSA are pricey, I didn't realize the ones they sell for 35.00 are for 74 and later. I should have looked at my catalog first.

It might be possible to make one of the later style ones work. Without going out to the garage to look, it seems like the main difference between the later ones and the early ones is how it mounts. I believe the later ones are a little longer, perhaps you could find the mounts for a later one to make one work. I think the bottom (chassis) side mount is longer. The later ones may not be as stiff as the early ones (that's why they use two instead of one) but for $35 it might be worth a try. I think I did this on one of my cars a long time ago with a strut I got at a junkyard.

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