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What body paint color to go with


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Guys, planning to get the car repainted. Original was blue-ish. Previous owner painted dark yellow over it.

I am thinking all out black this time. Can you share yous rides pictures for me to decide? especially any experience painting recently which you can share.

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Color is always tough.  Is your car stock, lightly modified, or flaired and highly modified?  A '77 280Z with stocl bumpers,  14" wheels and factory hubcaps will look very different than a lowered small bumper car with wide wheels and tires and a spoiler.  If you have ZG flairs, then you might want to go with a different color on the flairs than the body.  IMO, stock colors look better on stock cars, while modified cars tend to accept different colors very well.

I don't particularly like black unless you have an original '78 Black Pearl.

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Mine is stock 77 with stock bumpers. Had also stock 14in wheels and hub caps. I was also thinking with stock setup may be a nitro yellow. Toyota Supra has that shade. Yellow was looking good with stock setup.

also I don’t think these wheels which I like would be a good fit with stock bumpers.

Anyone running these wheels on their Datsun?


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