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console/fuse panel help


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OK, I know I am probably missing something simple, but I was trying to remove the center console (1971 240Z, 12/70 build) in order to disconnect the shifter.  I removed the 2 flat head screws from the rear of the console, the one screw in the coin scoop tray and the two pan head screws that secure the fuse panel. Removed the TINY set screw that holds the choke ever on and the console is loose, but I cannot figure out how to slide it past the fuse panel. There seems to be a metal strap that spans the width of the console (under the fuse panel) that the fuse panel cannot slide over the top of without interfering with the sloped back of the console.

I just realized I probably should have taken a picture or two, but was getting pretty tired and frustrated.


Any gurus who know the trick?

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I usually have to unplug the fuse box and associated wires. That will free up the cross bracket. Work it up and over the shifter in 2nd or 4th.

Once up a little you can get under it and take off the two 8 mm nuts holding the choke bracket. 


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5 hours ago, astrohog said:

@Terrapin Z; is there an actual plug that unplugs the entire fuse panel up in the dash somewhere?

I was at work all day, looks like Steve answered your question. The earlier cars had this long pig tail box and the later 240's had a shorter pig tail. You'll see which one you have I am not 100% sure when that change was made. Same principle though. If your fuse box has melted terminals (common) the up grade is a good idea. 


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