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Reverse Gear Question


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Might be down to a switch with the “right” plunger length and the point at which switch turns “on” as you depress the switch.

Take one of your functioning switches and start filing off a bit of the tip so it’s shorter. Keep removing a bit at a time until it works?

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So I'm really confused here... this switch which I thought was the reverse switch seems, in fact to be the 5th gear (O.D.) switch.  When I remove this switch and put the tranny in 5th gear, I see the "ramp" show up in the hole.  When I put it in reverse, the rod moves just a little bit but the "ramp" is never visible.



... the only other switch that I see is this one (below - at the top of the picture) which I believe in the neutral switch. I didn't physically confirm this to be the neurtral... just assuming it's the neutral switch based on diagrams I've seen.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.



So where the heck is the reverse light switch?  I don't see any other switches clearly evident or holes where a switch could go.

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If you two locations for switches on the right side, in front of the fill plug and behind the slave, then the front one is the reverse switch.

This picture shows the “usual” location” of reverse switch on a zx 5 speed. A Z 4 speed would be the same except further back in the space between the fill plug and the spot where the switch is in this picture.

The FSM picture shows where the rev and 5th gear (top gear) switches would be



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Looks like the correct hole.  The switch button would sit right next to the ramp edge.  Just a tiny movement moves the button.

Before you start filing away at the button you could just thread the switch in to the hole partially.  You could use a meter to see when the contacts close then back it off a thread.  Then put the transmission in reverse and see if it works correctly.  If it does then a washer or some filing should get you there.

This is what you should see in the hole when it's in reverse and not.



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