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Series 1 storage covers


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I am installing NOS storage covers and want to minimize the possibility of them breaking at the fastening knob.

 Storage covers.jpeg

Has anyone devised a method to reinforce the cover edges?



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Hi Keith, I think it is because of lack of courtesy not of the plastic. It is bothering but every time I open the storage covers , I unscrewed the knob completely out not to pinch the edge of the cover . 

I put a washer under the screw , I don’t know this helps something anyway.




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You are dealing with 50+ year old plastic here that will have gotten more brittle over the years. Consider bonding a thin reinforcement on the underside - one solid strip with a notch to match the factory shape. That plus @kats recommendation for a thin rubber washer under the knob should help hold back breakage.

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I, too, have a pair of NOS storage covers on my Z.  

As Kats said, I take the hold-down knob off completely,

and use a fairly thick and large black rubber washer for

a bigger footprint and flexibility for soft, even pressure.



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