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My FUJITSUBO Exhaust is hitting my rear control arm


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Hey guys, just wanted to check and see if anyone has previously installed a Fujitsubo exhaust only to have it hit the rear control arm? 

I have the Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust System installed on my 1972 240z. I recently had installed after I got my car restored but I have a nasty rattle from the rear. I lifted the car to check and turns out my exhaust is hitting the control arm when vibrating. Trying to figure out how to sort it out. Considering denting my exhaust but wanted to see if anyone else ran into this issue as well.


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Start by grinding away the flange on that control arm mount saddle to make more room.  There is tons of material that will have no effect on strength if removed. Then loosen all the exhaust mounting points and see if you can get another 1/4” of clearance. 

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4 hours ago, mark248am said:

I recently had installed

Everyone here thinks DIY first but it seems to me that the guy who installed it didn't get it quite right.  Seems like he needs to lengthen a couple of hangers.  Should be easy.

p.s. actually if there rubber loops at the top of that hanger, it might be super easy.  Just get a longer one.  Or just bend the J hook that goes through the loop.



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5 hours ago, Sean Dezart said:

Surely if this is the only incident, then the system hasn't been installed correctly ?

Yeah thats what I'm thinking. Had a terrible experience with body shop and mechanic so have been double checking all their work. Someone on Facebook had a similar issue and they sorted it by adjusting the engine mounts. Trying to find out how he did that exactly since currently my center muffler doesn't sit centered properly in the center channel of the car and actually slightly touches the edge. I feel like if the whole exhaust slightly moved towards the driver side my issue might be sorted.




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