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Early Z road tests

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Just for fun, I decided to look up the early road tests of the 240Zs.  

Not sure who did the driving, but in 1970, Road & Track had a 0-60 acceleration result of 8.7 seconds.  Car & Driver came in at 7.8.  Misprint, or numbers criss-crossed?  Bad driver at R & T?

Top speed was also  in two different ball parks.  Car and Driver had it at 109 mph, while Road & Track claimed 122 mph at 5,800 rpm.  

Could it be a difference in gear ratio?  Road & Track shows a rear-end ratio of 3.36/1, while Car and Driver does not mention that.  Were the early batches of 240s sent over with two different rear ends?  




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We have had a fairly well documented conversation about the Road & Track road test which involved cars in the US prior to January 1970.  The R&T figures appear to be the most accurate.  Car and Driver, evidently, performed their road test later in the year, after the first imports.  To the best of my knowledge, the final drive ratios were consistent.  I suspect the Car and Driver test results to be less.

This topic is going to take you down a rabbit hole.  Nissan / Datsun conducted road tests in October / November 1969 which we have discussed thoroughly.  This is a good start: 

You might want to look at this also:  


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On 11/22/2021 at 9:13 PM, Patcon said:

Having been close to 130mph in my first 240z, many years ago

My 240z has the original Dutch version gearbox and diff and i tested it in Germany on the "autobahn" and i got 215 km/h on mine at 49 years old!!  thats 133 Miles per hour!  (This was with to small diameter tires on so it was more like 205 km/h .. this is 127 mls/h and... thats what was the number on topspeed in the euro zone adverts from the 240z!) 

Top speed was sayd 205 km/hour in the tech. info. (=127 Mls/h)

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