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Door Locking mechanism 71 240z


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Need some advice on door locking mechanism. I have the interiors side of door handles operating fine. I also have the outside chrome handles in and working. 

What i cant seem to understand is

1. how i get the outside door lock attached.I have an image with the really white clip for the outside door lock. does one of the rods slide into this and the opposite side of the door handle? FOr some reason thats what i am thinking but if so not sure the right rod.

2. The inside door lock, stopper whatever its called is frozen. I know it works as it once was, its just not hooked up right. anyone have any reference material, images, info.

I have rods not currently used in image. one on ziploc i know goes on driver side somewhere.

thanks guys

BTW, Not sure if this is in the right place. 



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Just now, CanTechZ said:

Is that the correct key cylinder? Mine doesn't have the white plastic clip that is in your picture.


Yes, imagine the clip below the hole. It holds onto the arm going through the hole. Maybe I can use one of my spare mechanisms for show and tell.

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4 minutes ago, CanTechZ said:

Just check lock assemblies on the doors from my 1971 parts car (12/70), they don't have the plastic clip on the the lock cylinder actuator either.

Not sure. i know my 71 is a series 2 if that matters. Also, those locks and mechanism are not orginal to the car. I bought news ones from either zstore or ZCD. Not sure if that makes a difference. i did put rod in though and it aligns fine with clip in place

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For those with early cars who may find this discussion later, here is a close up picture of the connection from the actuator on the key cylinder to the rod on the door lock mechanism. It shows the split plastic bushing that is used, instead of a clip type connection as shown above.


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went ahead and took window chrome off to get better look. I took all locking stuff out and played with it to understand how it all works. 

I have passenger side all working. Driver side is 90%. Issue i saw causing all the issues was piece i circled. It will prevent something from operating if its up to high or too low. Getting it adjusted

right is crucial...imo

On driver side only thing not working as of now is using key to lock from outside. I am thinking its the door lock itself and needs a little adjustment. 

Between installing new window regulators, bushings etc. and the door locks think i may have to take a break.


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