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1971. The FSM i have is only about 35 pages; maybe there is a longer version. I havent seen those items in there, at least not an image. I did see one of them in the Haynes manual pg 60. They didnt name it directly but were talking about the EGR valve..... i dont think thats what it is though or maybe it is

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Once again, @SteveJ hits another home run! The vacuum control valve and the servo work together to slow the rate of deceleration in the carbs to manage unburned fuel in the intake and cylinders. its a very frustrating "feature" when you lift off the accelerator and want to use engine braking to slow down and engine says "nah - I'm just going to slow down nice and easy", it gets exciting when in a panic stop and you've hit the brakes but not yet the clutch!

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I am a goof. I blacked off the holes in the manifold like someone told me a while back to do to get rid of this stuff. However, it seems like

the rod in image 1 going down to the hole in the linkage b/t carbs serve another function? In image 2 the part i am touching flaps around if 

the rod isnt there. Is it okay to flap around or do you need to modify this by putting maybe a spring on it?




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