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Cars Wanted: '74 260-'78 280Z


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'74 260-'78 280Z

I am currently restoring my beloved '74 260Z, in Australia. My biggest problem is that owing to the extensive collision damage to the rear chassis, I find myself in a position where it is going to be far, far more cost effective for me to unpick the complete rear section at the original welds and replace it with suitable donor rear end.

Thus, I am looking for a suitable rust free donor rear section, or complete vehicle to ship to Australia. This could be half cut (well in front of the 'dog leg') shell, complete shell, plus or minus running gear.

Looking for any leads on said vehicle. Could be front end collision victim, or what ever.

Can anyone be of any assistance at all?

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    260Z - 280


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While your waiting for a rear part you could take the rear part out.. and maybe you could repair the part you take out and pull the floor part back to it's original spot! i would try that first, there is a good chance it works! When you take out the rear the structure is much more easy to pull back to the right spot.

You need something to pull the floor and so, a hydrolic dent repair set is not that expencive and.. you can use it for more projects! 😉 

Drill out the orig weldspots so you can later on weld the part after repairing it back into the rear of the car.

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