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Air Regultor connections (77 280z Auto)


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Hi, I want to confirm the connections to the air regulator etc. The intake side of the regulator has a T. One side obviously goes to the air regulator.
On my car one side of the T is blocked with a HOSE/Clamp.

My question is, the 3rd side of the T connects to the opening on the rubber elbow between AFM and throttle chamber?

Also, where does the connector on the rocker/valve cover connects into? does that go on to the throttle chamber port?

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The rubber elbow between AFM and Throttle body in my car has a port as well. Your pic above does not show that which is what I am trying to figure out.

Chk the T connection on the pic I downloaded below with labels in yellow. This has the T blocked at one end.

Now the rocker/valve cover ports in this pic connects to the rubber elbow port. And the T connection on the air regulator inlet is taking input from throttle body etc.

And while the 77 Manual pic I have connects the valve cover port directly into the port at the regulator which is blocked on my car and also shown blocked on the eficonnection JPEG.

Just makes me confuse because the valve cover hose is venting vapors back into the throttle body via the opening in the elbow. So I believe the flow is from rocker to elbow and the T can connect directly to the opening on the throttle body I believe. So I think first EFI jpeg seems correct?



77 Manual.jpg

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They changed the PCV routing scheme for 78 and the word on the street is that dealers would upgrade the PCV system of the previous years to the later (78) design whenever a car came in for servicing. The 78 PCV design included a "capped off T" on the rubber duct between the AFM and the throttle body, so from your description, it sounds like your car has the 78 style hose routing.

So for your PCV system, you should refer to the 78 FSM instead of the 77.

Here's a pic of a 78 scheme:
77 engine compartment21.jpg

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Thanks all - really helpful. Expect more questions as I am trying to get my 77 Auto tuned. Appreciate all the patience as well 🙂

Right now waiting for new ELBOW and fusible links to arrive from Courtsy Nissan.

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