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1976 280z fuel pump/starting issues when cold


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Good Day, Own a 1976 280z fuel injection and have starting issues. I replaced the fuel pump and installed a new fuel filter. I have 1/4 tank of gas with new fuel. I pulled the wire off the starter to see if the fuel pump is running and it is when turning the ignition key. However, I am hearing a clicking sound coming from the fuse box area which is puzzling. Also, I pulled off the short fuel line coming off the top of the fuel filter and put the end into a glass jar to see if fuel is coming out. When turning the key, no fuel is coming out.  All Fuses are good and all hoses are checked for air leaks and nothing visible. Checked and cleaned ground wires, even the fusible links.

I did get the car started by spraying gas into the throttle housing and got it started but then cuts out. I assume probably because the fuel isn't being drawn from the fuel pump. Car had been sitting for about a year without any gas in tank. Any advice would be most helpful. Yes I do own the FSM and addendum on the fuel injection system but I am missing something. Thanks.

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Put a jerry can behind the car and run the fuel supply line into that, bypassing the fuel tank.

You can also run a straight wire with alligator clips on both ends from the battery to the pump, bypassing all the pumps safety shut offs.

Have a hose pipe or extinguisher close by when straight wiring the system. Remember everything after the pump is high pressure so be extra careful for loose or rotten hoses.

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2 hours ago, 280z762021 said:

When turning the key, no fuel is coming out. 

There is a ton on the site and around the internet about when the fuel pump gets power.  1976 has the fuel pump contacts in the AFM.  The way to test for pump power is to remove the yellow solenoid wire at the starter and turn the key to Start.  Not clear how far you're turning the key.

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So you can hear the fuel pump running, but fuel is not making it through the fuel filter...

Have you had the fuel pump apart or disconnected? If you had it apart, there are some uni-directional parts inside that are relatively easy to assemble incorrectly. And you didn't have it apart, but had it disconnected... I've heard about some people getting the connections backwards and the pump wont pump if running in reverse.

Another idea is the FSM says it might be difficult to get the fuel pump to prime if the tank has been run completely empty. I've not had that issue, but they warn about it.

And lastly (just because I have to)... Maybe your filter is clogged?

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