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Where is Fuel return line?

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Actually, the red cap is blocking off the vent line. That should go to the carbon cannister

The middle line is the return.

When is the car sputtering? How have you ascertained there is no fuel flow? Have you put a fuel pressure gauge between the fuel rail and one of the carburetors?  How old are the fuel lines? Is the electric fuel pump running? Is the electric fuel pump installed? What is the condition of the fuel filter?

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You have a return line. I see a hose attached to it. Like I said before, the capped off line is a vent line for evaporative emissions.


If the car is in stock configuration, it has both a mechanical and an electrical fuel pump.

Download a copy of the FSM. The link is in my signature. (Hopefully you're not using a phone for this site. You miss out on some good features.) The EF and FE sections have a lot of information on the fuel system in your car.

In the meantime, you may want to start tracking down answers to my questions, or pose some questions in response to help bridge the gaps in your knowledge. Continue to figure out what the previous owner(s) changed and document it. Then you can figure out how to make it work right again.

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