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Parts for Sale: 1977 280z Donor Car Leftovers


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1977 280z Donor Car Leftovers

I have the leftovers from a 1977 280z that we used as a donor for refurbishing my dad's Z. Finished the project and I need to get rid of the parts car. This car has rusted through floors and rockers and lower fenders plus other major rust. I did not keep track of everything we used (main thing we bought it for was the running engine). Car was running/driving when purchased 5 years ago. In case it matters, car was built 12/76.

NOT available (partial list):

- engine

- turn/headlight stalk switches

- passenger quarter window trim

- rear suspension/hubs/differential (may be available later)

I can ship small parts. If any interest in hood, roof, transmission (4-speed), gas tank (somewhat rough), or other large parts, pickup or nearby delivery can work (or discuss shipping?). I'm in central Maryland.

Please feel free to ask about any bits you might need. Not trying to make money, so will be open to offers. Would like some of it to get used before scrapping.


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Tre and Comrades280z,

Trunk hatch lid and gas tank are available. I did not find time today to check them out or take pictures for condition. I may also be tied up tomorrow, but I will get additional info on condition when I can.



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