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  1. I have a 1977 280z parts car that was a donor for another project. I still have the pedals. Are you still needing this? Duane.
  2. Dutchzcarguy, I hear you! I did tear the carbs down, clean everything, and did a rebuild kit on both carbs. The throttle shafts seemed fairly tight. We are just trying to get the best out of these flat tops for now. Might eventually go to fuel injection, but not at this time. Thanks, Duane.
  3. SteveJ, Thanks for the reply. Yes, have the FSM. FSM procedure for adjusting idle mixture screw requires measuring CO. We do not have access to a CO meter to do it that way. Fuel injection does sound nice, but for now we are sticking with the flat top carbs. Duane.
  4. Have been lurking, but have a question now. for which my searches have been unsuccessful. I have been working on refurbishing my father's 1974.5 260z. He is sticking with the flat top carbs for now. Car had been running very rich, but we just removed carbs and reset float/fuel level, which was was too high. However, earlier on we had changed the idle mixture and idle speed screw settings to try to improve the idle. I thought I had seen recommendations on starting point and procedure for adjusting idle mixture without a CO meter, which we do not have. Cannot find that method now. Does anyone know the starting point and adjustment procedure for idle mixture screw and idle speed screw? Thanks much, Duane.
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