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78 280z ignition coil


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I am trying to figure out what coil to use. The 78 doesn’t have the ballast resistor so is it the 1.5ohm or 3.0ohm I am looking at the pertronix coils. The verbiage is confusing because there is no stock ballast resistor


Factory Electronic Ignition:

1974 and later Z's with original ignition should use this 1.5 Ohm coil as opposed to the PerTronix 3.0 Ohm coil, and also should retain the stock ballast resistor.



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The 1978 ignition system uses a 0.84 - 1.02 coil.  It's in the FSM.  No reason to vary from that, it's a "high-energy" wide spark plug gap system.

Looks like everyone is consolidating on the label, and not the specs.  Those flames look cool.  OReilly has one that is supposed to meet spec. but they don't show the spec.  Rockauto is am option.  They have an NGK coil.  Coils are a basic electrical component.  The flames and colors really don't add much.  A 1.5 ohm might actually give you less spark power than a 1.0.  I like to stick with matched components if I can.




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