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tip-new door seals


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I added new door seals, (from 'rare spares' in melbourne), to my car after the respray. The ones that actually fit on the body, ("door jams"). Although the ones I bought were made for the 260z and fit well, my door was'nt closing well on both sides due to the thickness of the new seals. I adjusted them as best i could living with the fact that both did'nt close flush with the body. This was the second z i had this prob with including a couple of freinds cars who simply just put up with it.

Anyway I found the simple solution was to remove the seal partially and using a block of wood tap in the offending section of metal about 2-3mm. That is from the base of the rear 1/4 window down to the bottom of the "door jam". Essentially u r just bending that area in so the door can come in a little further.

No damage was done and there is no visible difference but my doors are finally closing nicely!

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