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  1. A quick short vid of a weekend away to the Alpine Village of Thredbo in NSW Australia with 19 early Z's and the first pre production 370z in Australia. Sulio
  2. Hi James,

    Yer good luck mate. Send some pics when they're on the car.


  3. ah the red Z's. Mine was originally orange and I reckon I'll go back to the orange when I'm ready for another paint job. Thanks for that post Jon, I had some trouble linking the pic dirctly from the url!??? Yer it really was a great day. I'll pull out some more pics later. Sulio
  4. Just thought I'd post a pic of the BBQ we had on Saturday. Great sunny day with some nice cars and plenty of food and drinks. Great day it was. http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,3264.120.html Sulio
  5. toecutter

    240 z

    Nice car but the rear flare is on the wrong siide. Thats the right sidde thats been mounted on the lleft guard. I made the same mictake.
  6. 2008 Tasmania Toura heap of Z´s away for a week of driving on the Island of Tasmania finishing at the Symons Plains race track... ---LINK
  7. Apollo Bay Z weekend aaway. Sulio http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=b8GrEgd1CfE
  8. I really like this photo
  9. ...one of my favourates...
  10. to be honest have'nt noticed a visual difference before...
  11. toecutter

    Rail Yard Z Photo

    Cold and late in the rail yard, just me and the Z.
  12. Thanks Guys, Yer without photoshopping the originals they would'nt come close to where they are at, it was just too dark and late. Way too much saturation but I like that bright look. Zbane, yer I would like to get a collection of other Z cars together and make up some posters for my garage, maybe post them up and people could do the same with the cars they like. My extension and new garage is still months away from being finished so I'll look at that then. As it was very late in the night and very dark I'd missed all the good light and it was very hard not to get hard lamp reflections off the paint work. Sulio
  13. Having the second half out to watch Sex in the City the other night I had some spare time to take some photo's at a rail loading dock near home...got cold waiting for a train to pass through. Sulio
  14. hmmm...do different narrow band sensors provide different Volt readings as the ones I've looked at advise 0.2V lean, 0.45V good (ie 14.6 to 1) and 0.8V rich? Are there variations? Sulio
  15. The one I'm looking at is narrow band but I believe you can get wideband also....................... ah here it is... http://www.techedge.com.au/vehicle/wbo2/5300.htm Sulio
  16. ...updated sheet Tripple Carb Info Sheet - updated 24 May 2008.pdf
  17. I've been setting my tripple Dellorto's up and just going by research and advise from friends with good results, well a nice jump on the 240 SU's I was running which were also pretty good compared to the old flat tops I had on many years ago. A reference sheet with notes I've been using to keep track of settings below just in case someones looking at going down this path. Sorry no dyno figures as it's just a bit of fun for me atm, no track work. Once I'm happy with the my final settings I'll be keen to get some figures on the dyno but having fun and learning heaps doing it slowly myself for the time being. My next plan is to install an O2 sensor to the exhaust and run it to a an LED display in the car (which can be bought in kit form for $62.00 Aussie dollars + sensor to give real time AFR readings whilst driving). This should be a big tuning help once installed. Cheers, Sulio Tripple Carb Info Sheet - updated 24 May 2008.pdf
  18. more great pics here... http://www.eastonchang.com/
  19. I also still have the problem with windows down, always less when both are down with two venturis fumes go two ways I suppose but still there. I've been pretty thorough with all the usual spots. My next check will be to take off inside panels and have someone shine a bright light from the outside to see if I get anything come through. Sulio
  20. Hi Guys not sure if this is news already but I just subscribed today. Looks like it's gonna be a pretty cool mag! http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,2229.msg16746.html#msg16746 Sulio
  21. ...updated sheet. Tripple Carb Info Sheet - updated 31 March 2008.pdf
  22. Hi Guys, I've installed my tripple DHLA40L Carbs recently. The motor is an L28 and in need of a rebuild in the near future, perhaps 6 to 12 months away at this point so I don't want to blow a heap of money getting them professionally set up on a dyno until after the rebuild. In the mean time I thought I would get them running as well as I could. My L28 is stock with elec dizzy, headers and 2 1/4" pipe with a hot dog and turbo flow muffler. The engine idles ok atm however running extremely rich. I've been using the Des Hammill book "How to tune Webers & Dellortos". Anyhow I've attached a spread sheet I hope to build on as I fumble my way through the world of tripple carbs. Please advise me of your tripple set up and have a look at my info todate correcting anything that might sound off. I know there are alot of variables depending on engine set up and driving style when it comes to tuning tripples but I'm just trying to get to a start point and then keep fine tuning. I hope to keep some mid range power rather than have a car that has to be driven around at 5500rpm every time I go down the street. Cheers, Sulio Tripple Carb Info Sheet.pdf
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