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Yellow 240 recently listed on BAT

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There was a LOT of cross talk about original engines not being reinstalled in the Z Store cars and that a lot of the cars didn't,  therefore, have engine #s that matched the numbers on the engine compartment ID plates. When talking about those cars it's important to remember that there were, in reality, 3 iterations. The first batch reused a lot of interior soft trim as Distinctive Industries were not on board the program yet, neither were the Banzai Motorworks reproduction ID plates. Both companies were onboard for the second batch which allowed any convenient  engine # to appear on the engine compartment ID plate as they left Banzai without #s. The third batch benefited from all of the DI soft trim and Banzai repro goodies.  While I'll plead guilty to going through this # issue leaving out some detail I can say with convection that they bought 55 sets of everything putting, I feel, to rest the often quoted 200 unit target for the program. 

I also recall a conversation I had with one of the principals involved who told me that due to VERY POOR quality control many of the first batch of rebuilt engines had to revisit the re-builder causing delays, and some confusion, to that portion of the program. 

Finally I have to take my hat off to Pierre. He and his staff worked very hard to make the program work while under significant pressure and a tight budget. 


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The 200 unit target is pretty well documented from a number of different sources, Mike.  When you say with, I'm sure you meant conviction, that they ordered 55 sets of everything, do you mean 'everything you had, everything Nissan USA had, what?  I recall talking with Pierre as he reminisced about the program and his concern about replacement part availability.  It has always been my opinion that the traditional concept of restoration does not necessarily apply to the Vintage Z program.  The cars were 'refitted" with little attention to any particular original build.  According to what I learned on the BaT conversation, less than half the cars have original engines?

I did learn something interesting about the three cars I have not found.  Evanow lists all the serial numbers.  Carl identified one that wasn't a VZ.  All of them were accounted for over a few years except three.  Two of the cars on Evanow's list are noted as "private sale".  Now I find out that they were incomplete.  One of them wasn't even painted.  To me, that alters the 37 car count.  Sure we could quibble over matching engines or correct builds, but I wonder if it shouldn't be more like 35.

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