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240Z Console Wiring Wrap

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I know the 1970 and 1971 240Z's came with a vinyl wrap around the bundle of wires at the right side of the console, perhaps the later models did as well. Recently I was requested to measure and photograph my OE wiring wrap so that a friend could have it reproduced. These photos and measurements may be of benefit to others to also get a wrap made. Note that the center of the wrap is wider than the top or bottom to accomodate the bulge of connectors in the middle of the wiring bundle. There are two darts cut into the fabric edge on each side to form the "curve".




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Bryan reproduced and sold the shift lever, handbrake lever and wiring harness wrap several years ago in both vinyl and leather material. 

The quality and accurate appearance he achieved was exceptional. Most everyone (including me) that purchased them were very pleased.

Possibly he will see this and comment.

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Yep,  That was me!  Thanks for the compliment ZUP.  I’m pretty sure I still have the patterns for those items.  I can dig them out if anyone else needs 1 or all of them.  I haven’t seen the repros from MSA so I don’t know close they are to the originals.

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