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steering pop/catch on extreme left turn

Dave WM

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if I make slow near full lock left turn (coming out of a parking lot example) I get a pop sound that comes from the front of the car right hand side I think, and can feel a release in the steering wheel at the same moment. It seems to happen at the exact same spot on the steering wheel position. it happens every time, but you need to "reset" by turning back straight (you cant just hover over the spot and get the same effect by moving a few degrees back and forth.

I tried turning the steering lock to lock with it not moving, no problem. I can turn the wheel fully while stopped and the pop will happen as soon as I start to roll with the wheel fully cranked to the left.

I have new ball joints. the left tie rod seems to have just the slightest amount of play in it. I can grab the inner and push pull and detect "some" movement whereas the driver side has zero. the outers have no play at the wheel hub.

does a very slight amount of play in a inner tie rod sound like the kind of problem that presents with the problem pop sound I have described?

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31 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

Check your TC rods too. I had one fall apart turning the wheel really tight backing out of my garage once. The nut had backed off.

thought I did that but will double check.

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